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 the plot
posted May 11 2015, 10:16 PM by sparky [she/her] from
trash queen
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the plot
gifted humans have existed for centuries, cropping up all over the world. some were worshiped as gods and kings, others burned at the stake for their witchcraft, or shunned and banned from their communities, condemned as monsters. it isn't a wonder that many chose to hide themselves and find comfort in anonymity. those who could blend in with the world were overlooked, ignored, undiscovered. they were safe. perhaps the biggest surprise isn't that they exist, or that they chose to hide, but that they stayed hidden for so long. suspicions would raise occasionally, people would turn their heads and look, but incident after incident managed to find itself swept under the rug, sometimes by other gifteds themselves, residing in politics, on the police force, completely trusted by the masses.

only within the last decade have these extraordinary people come into the public eye. after a few large scale incidents and some rather brave gifteds began coming forward, the cat was effectively let out of the bag. it's been years since, and the general public is still somewhat wary of the ever growing population of gifted humans around the world, some more so than others. some gifted humans are more forthcoming with their abilities than others, but they all face a level of scrutiny and discrimination among the humans. many are afraid, and they lash out against those who are different, even in a city as diverse as chicago, illinois.

since the incident in 2007, many institutions have come forward to provide a level of safety and acceptance for people with such gifts. places like the sarasvati institute, and many of it's sister schools and establishments across the country and around the world, provide sanctuary and relief for those who face intolerance and prejudice. they offer classes for children and adults alike to learn to better understand their powers, and various programs to help rehabilitate those who have been cast off from their families and society, a safe haven where the criticism of the public cannot harm them.

the world is slowly changing. but until it does, gifted people will face being outcasts and have to band together for support. welcome to we are the strays.

we are a character driven gifted powers and abilities roleplay set in present day chicago, illinois. we have no word count or character limits, and a shipper application to offer optimal room for exploration and creative freedom. roleplayers of all skill level are welcome here. we want this to be an inviting and comfortable environment for everyone to feel safe and accepted in. we hope you have a good time here!

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WE ARE THE STRAYS is a character driven, slice of life roleplay with gifted abilities, set in present day Chicago, IL. We do not have a word count or character limits, and we have a profile application and shipper to offer optimal room for creative freedom. We have a number of varied and easy to use templates for members to use, and we have relaxed rules on activity so that roleplaying here can be a hobby, not a chore. We prioritize diversity and inclusiveness, and we want this to be an inviting and comfortable environment where everyone feels safe and accepted!

Please register in all lowercase, first m. last format: james b. barnes

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