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 the rules
posted May 11 2015, 06:24 PM by sparky [she/her] from




natural disaster

unrelenting anxiety


• register with a unique name, first m. last, in all lowercase(i.e. john a. doe). please avoid first name repeats, it becomes incredibly confusing when plotting otherwise.

• we like to follow the +/-7 rule when it comes to characters ages in relation to their face claims. for example, if a character's face claim is 27 years old, they should not be any younger than 20, or older than 34. for the most part, though, please use your better judgement here.

• on the subject of character ages, wats is an 18+ environment. we only want to see characters who are 18 or older.

• avatars are 250x400, and required. it is also required that you fill in all the fields in your miniprofile. gifs must be a square, but will autoresize for you. if you are having trouble with your graphics, or miniprofile, feel free to ask an admin for assistance.

• the admin team has provided site templates for threads, social media, phones, etc. we request that members use them because it keeps everything looking more clean. there are a multitude of options to choose from, so there should be something for everyone.

• our application process is split into two distinct parts, the character biography, and the relationships portion. the character biography is located in your profile. this is where you’ll tell us your character’s story, all about their life, history, and personality. anything you need to know about them to understand them as a character. the relationships portion is what will be used as your shipper and where you’ll be plotting with other members. the template for this portion can be found here. a simple rundown of your characters relationships with their friends/enemies/lovers is all we need. when both the biography and relationships are finished, please post the relationships portion of your shipper in the appropriate registration forum. all shippers should be written in third person.

• activity sweeps will happen biweekly, though we try to be a lax environment. so as long as you are around frequently and making an effort, we understand that posts aren't always your top priority. that being said, if someone is inactive for an extended period of time without posting an absence or checking in with the admins, their accounts will be flagged and claims reopened. to reclaim your characters role on the board, you must contact an admin within a week of being flagged, otherwise your account will be terminated.

• if you're having a hard time posting, or expect to be absent for an extended period of time, let us know. post an absence or contact an admin. we are very understanding people. real life and your own health and well-being should always comes first.

• we currently do not have a character limit. however, as of november 2017, we require that before creating a new character, you must have at least one active thread with each of your existing characters. this means a thread with at least one reply in it. if you have all your threads in check, we'll be happy to accept more characters from you.

• wats is a mature site. mature and sometimes triggering topics will come up. we ask that everyone be respectful of their fellow members and put content warnings on anything harmful or upsetting. tag topics with mature content as [m] and triggering content as [t]. if the admins find anything too offensive in a shipper, or unmarked thread, you may be asked to change/remove content. we reserve the right to deny a character based on content if it raises too many red flags for us.

• as a general rule, make sure you're respectful and think about what you're saying in public spaces. i.e. the cbox, the discord channel, and other member spaces. we do not tolerate bullying on wats, and we want everyone to feel safe here. thank you.

• we shouldn't have to go on about godmodding and post etiquette, should we? we all know how to behave and what's acceptable. we would like to keep this place as relaxed and peaceful as humanly possible, so let's all just have a good time!

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