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 the rules
May 11 2015, 06:24 PM

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• register with a unique name, first m. last, in all lowercase (i.e. john a. doe). please, try to avoid name repeats. we don't want six people named james, and three named isabelle. it just gets to be confusing, and no one wants to be confused, right?

• try to follow the +7/-7 rule when it comes to your characters age in relation to their face claims. there are some exceptions allowed, because people like thomas brodie sangster and eddie redmayne do not always look their age. (as a note, characters must be 16 or older).

• avatars are 250x400, and required. it is also required that you fill in all the fields in your miniprofile. gifs must be a square, but will autoresize for you. if you are having trouble with any of your graphics, or your miniprofile, ask an admin for assistance, we're always happy to help.

• on the subject of graphics, no, we do not allow signatures on the board. we think they bog things up and make things look messy. sorry.

• though we are a shipper application site, wats has a pre-made app template that we would like you to use. aside from the template, you have free reign over what goes into your shippers. just be sure to give us a good chunk of information about your characters, preferably a few paragraphs about their history and personality, plus the standard friends, enemies, and lovers blurbs. all shippers should be written in third person, and steer clear of clutter like flashback scenes that you might see in a traditional freeform app. this is a shipper after all.

• as far as activity goes, we will have biweekly activity checks, so try to keep on top of your characters and post at least once every two weeks. if you are caught inactive in a check, you will have a week to remedy the problem before your accounts are terminated and claims are freed up. if you expect to be absent for any long period of time, post in the absences forum, or let an admin know so we don't let you get swept up in any checks. remember that real life always comes before roleplaying, and we will not be offended by your absence. (this does not apply to unsorted/unfinished apps and accounts. these will be dealt with weekly. any work done will be archived and accounts will be terminated if you fail to return and work on your character within the week.)

• we currently do not have a character limit. we expect you to know what you can handle. however, as of july 19, 2015, we require that before creating a new character, you must have posted in at least three different characters' shippers. while we obviously can't mandate what you post in these three shippers, we strongly encourage that you post something substantial and that it is not simply a repetition of predetermined plots. after you've made those three shipper posts, you're free to make another character. please be aware of your own personal limits, though, and try not to overload yourself so you have a handful of inactive characters laying about.. if you ever wish to drop a character, you can pm an admin and we will take care of that for you.

• this is a mature site. as such, there will be mature plot lines and material on the board at times. vulgar language, sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. will come up, and there is nothing wrong with that. but do be respectful of your fellow members. be sure to put trigger warnings on shippers with upsetting content, and if you are roleplaying something mature, or otherwise triggering or offensive, be sure to place a label in the title so everyone is aware, and no one gets caught by surprise while reading threads. labels include: [m] for mature themes, and [t] for triggering. if the admins find anything too offensive in a shipper, or unmarked thread, you may be asked to change or remove content, or re-label the thread. we reserve the right to deny a character based on content if it raises too many red flags for us.

• and please, for the love of merlin, watch what you say in the cbox! we realize that sometimes it's easy to forget that what you say affects someone on the other side of the screen, but it really can. you never know what other members or guests on the board are going through in their lives. so try to be aware and avoid being insensitive, judgmental, or closed-minded. we are a very open, accepting environment, and we want everyone to feel safe here. thank you.

• i shouldn't have to go too in depth on godmodding and etiquette, should i? we all know how to behave and what we should and should not do. be polite, considerate, and kind. mind your manners, don't try to start fights, or upset each other purposefully. if there is something going on, pm an admin so we can help mediate the situation. we would like to keep this place as relaxed and peaceful as humanly possible, so just try to get along for the sake of everyone's sanity, and have a good time. that's what roleplaying is all about!

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