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 --slow hands, sparky / reeto <3
May 23 2017, 07:43 PM
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reese t. de marco
haven [they/them] • 112 posts

like sweat drippin' down our dirty laundry //
The summer heat had thrown Reese into a perpetual state of high-waisted shorts and crop tops. Which she never minded, because she loved to show off her body. She worked hard for it, she deserved that. Low slung sweat pants, fishnet tights pulled up so her naval piercing popped through. Summer was definitely her favorite season. She could lean herself against her brothers car, body on display. Smoking a cigarette 'cause not all her addictions could be kicked at once. She was supposed to be meeting up with Balto. But technically she was outside the gym that she worked at. And technically Balto couldn't miss her if he came up. Unless he was blind, really, there weren't a lot of hot chicks lounging around. Not with skin showing within an inch of their life.

This was technically a first date, but Reese wasn't going to stand on ceremony. That was hardly her style. Besides, they'd fucked around enough. She spotted Balto coming up to the gym, tilting her sunglasses down. "Heya, baby," Reese cooed, pushing herself off the car. The sun glinted off her sunglasses. She could eye up Balto easily, smirk playing over her lips. Reese had to lean up to press a kiss to his lips - standard greeting to be honest - but she didn't mind. She always liked her men taller than her. "You ready to get your ass beat?" she asked, feigning some kind of innocence, still pressed against Balto's chest.

Jun 16 2017, 01:41 AM

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balto c. valenti
sparky [she/her] • 99 posts

rule number one
Coming back to Chicago had brought a lot of people from his past back into his life. In a lot of ways it was great. He’d missed the familiarity. The shitty little town in Ohio had become familiar, too. But they weren’t his people. His people were here, in the windy city, all still trying to figure their shit out just the same as him. Though most of them were better off than Balto. When he’d reconnected with Reese, he hadn’t expected it to go anywhere. He certainly hadn’t expected the casual sex to turn into a potential girlfriend situation. He hadn’t really been in the market for that sort of thing. But with Reese it had come pretty naturally. Even if things weren’t exactly conventional.

They’d quite literally decided to fight for their first date. Maybe that said something about the kind of people they were. The kind of couple they would be if this actually went anywhere. But Balto kind of liked it. It was unconventional. It was… Well, exactly what he needed in his life right now. Easy, intuitive, fun. And with someone who knew what they were getting into with him from the very start. All the baggage and the shitty work hours and the baby. Blue won hearts easily, but most women his age that didn’t have kids weren’t really ready to commit to that life. Reese wasn’t necessarily the motherly, nurturing type, either. But she was good with Blue. More importantly, she didn’t complain when Balto had to be mister mom while she was around.

Balto pushed his own sunglasses up onto the top of his head, grinning as she hopped off the hood of the car. She looked good today. She always did. ”Hey, sexy lady.” He made sure to stoop a little when she went in for the kiss, draping his arms casually over her shoulders. He was used to it by now, most women were shorter than him.

She asked the question with an air of innocence, but Balto knew better. Reese had always been tough as nails. And even with his enhanced agility, he was no match for her crazy ability to fight. He knew heading into this that it was a fight he could not win. But winning wasn’t the point, really. ”Go easy on me, I’m out of practice.” It wasn’t one hundred percent true. Balto worked out daily (his abs were very important to him), it just happened more often in the middle of his living room floor while watching Sesame Street with an infant now, than in an actual gym.

reeto @reese t. de marco sorry it took awhile
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