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 Florida Bound, 6/17-6/25
Jun 15 2017, 03:19 AM
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orson p. rockwell
marvel [she/her] • 26 posts

So I've mentioned it a little bit in the discord and everything BUT

I'm going to Orlando for a week-ish! We're leaving at like 4am on the 17th and driving down there and I'll be there until the 24th, when we start driving back. But it's a really long drive from Pennsylvania to Florida and back again, so we won't be getting there until the 18th and we won't be getting back until the 25th. I'm going to Disney for a graduation present, which is pretty exciting. I'm packing my laptop and I'll have my phone; I will be in the discord and I may just go a bit wild on snapchat, so you shouldn't miss me too much. I'll definitely be in the discord, especially when line times are long because we can't fastpass everything, and I will creep on the site as much as I possibly can.

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