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The Harts were not a couple who planned things out. Their own marriage was indicative of that, considering they'd only known one another for a grand total of six months before they tied the knot on a whim in a Chicago courthouse just two days after arriving back from a work-related venture in South America. It wasn't their first leap of spontaneity, and it certainly wouldn't be their last. Anton and Saoirse were adventurers at heart. And that was probably a good thing, because a handful of months after their shotgun wedding, Saoirse was pregnant with twins. And bringing two children into the world at once was definitely going to be a lot more daunting than exploring the Brazilian rain-forest ever was.

Lachlan and Lorcan were born, in that order, only thirteen minutes apart. Two tiny preterm babies, who came out physically identical, but couldn't have been more different. Right from the start it was evident that Lachlan was the louder of the two, while Lorcan always seemed to make his fusses quietly. And yet they were always lumped together into one convenient matching set by everyone around them. That was okay when they were younger. The two of them were practically inseparable as toddlers, always holding hands and dragging one another about. They were each other's best friends.

Their childhood was incredible and mundane all wrapped into one. Their parents traveled a lot for work, filming documentaries and making important, life-changing discoveries. For their formative years, the twins got to experience a lot of these adventures first hand. Traveling the globe, seeing strange animals, meeting new people, being exposed to different cultures and ways of life. Lorcan still sites some of these trips as his favorite memories with his parents now. It was after the kids started school, and it became clear they needed to be around other children their age, that they found a more permanent residence in Chicago. No longer sharing a cramped apartment between a family of four, but their very own quaint little home in Beverly, just a block from Saoirse's parents. When their parents had to go away for work, their grandparents became their caretakers. The supervision was mediocre at best, and the twins got away with murder. But they were good kids. Even if the old lady across the street swore they were a "menace to society."

Lachlan discovered his powers first, and it was the first severed strand in the twins' relationship. Lorcan was more jealous than he'd ever been in his life. At eight years old he watched his twin go from "just like him" to something incredible and extraordinary. It wasn't just the amazing powers he gained, but the praise and attention from everyone around them. Their family was dotted with gifted abilities, and everyone seemed to proud of Lachlan for doing nothing. Suddenly Lorcan's mundane accomplishments like perfect report cards and scoring the winning goal in the soccer game were insignificant in comparison. He felt ignored, forgotten. And the feelings of doubt and inadequacy crept their way in easily. They were just kids, but Lorcan was already learning to resent his brother. And the next five years of feeling different and defective and broken only served to add to the bitterness.

Lorcan pulled away from his brother, retreated into his own defenses, and began to branch off on his own. He found his own hobbies, his own interests, his own friends that didn't intersect with his twin's social circles. If Lachlan was his going to be his own person, so was Lorcan. And finally, finally, when he was a nervous freshman in high school, fumbling with his books, and grappling with his sexuality, Lorcan made the leap from ordinary, to something else entirely. There were dead flowers, still in a vase long after Valentine's day had come and gone. And Lorcan had watched in awe and wonder as their color returned, vibrant and bright, the petals suddenly soft again. His mother was the only one that noticed as they sat around the dinner table, but the proud smile on her face was enough. Perhaps his leap into greatness wasn't as celebrated or special as his brother's had been, but it was enough for him.

High school came and went rather uneventfully. Lorcan had a knack for academics as well as athletics. Proudly top of his class, and part of the varsity lacrosse team for three years (he even made captain his senior year). He didn't have many real friends, Lachlan was always much better with people than he ever would be. Lorcan's snarky attitude and inherent love for sarcasm (and hate for people in general) generally drove his peers in the other direction. But he had his teammates, and his friends at the skatepark, and he survived high school just the same as everyone else. He graduated as Valedictorian three months before his eighteenth birthday, he came out of the closet, and he entered his adult life with a newfound sense of pride and freedom. It was surprisingly a lot easier than he'd always thought it would be. Life went on, the world kept spinning.

College seemed like a no-brainer. With the academic and athletic scholarships he'd earned, and the way his family simply valued knowledge, it would have been blasphemous not to take the opportunity to go onto higher education. The fall after graduating, he started at the University of Chicago. Despite having his pick of the crop when it came to schools, Lorcan chose to stay close to home, and his part-time job at the local florist's. It was what he knew, and where he wanted to be. He declared a double-major in linguistics and biological sciences in his second year, just after he moved into his own apartment on the west side of the city. For the next three years he lived pretty simply, scrimping and saving money where he could, making an extra buck by tutoring fellow students until he graduated with his bachelor's degree.

With four years of school under his belt, most people assumed he'd be itching to put it to use, or even continue further with his education. But truthfully, college turned out to be less of a tool for Lorcan, and more of a hobby. He had learned over the last few years that between his powers, and the love of nature that his parents had instilled in him as a child, his job at the florist's was the perfect fit for him. It was quiet, and enjoyable, being able to share his appreciation for plant life with the people filtering in and out of the store. So instead of sinking more money into school, or looking for a desk job that would ultimately make him hate himself, Lorcan decided he wanted to do something crazy. He wanted to open up his own store. And with the money he saved over the last few years, and a loan from his ever-supportive father, he took the gamble and leased out a quirky little store in the West Loop, next door to a little boutique that sells maternity wear.

It took awhile to get the store onto it's feet, but after a few years, it's been a brilliant turn around. People have come to love and trust the work that he does. Especially in the queer community. He's found himself providing flowers for a lot of gay wedding since marriage equality became official.

Outside of business, Lorcan is an inherently introverted person. He's not very forthcoming about his feelings, he bottles things up, and he internalizes a lot of negative feelings because he's too awkward and shy to express himself properly, or in any way other than being a snippy, sarcastic little shit. He's just not very well verse in social skills, and you'd likely have better luck getting a brick wall excited about what you have to say. Unless it's about flowers, skateboards, or his boyfriend. He's a tough nut to crack, and it takes a while to break down his defenses and get him to be really comfortable around you.

He tends to be a very solitary person unless someone's forcing him out of his little bubble. He spends his time with his nose stuffed in a book, tending too his plants, and working too much. Even when he's among people, he tends to be just as closed off, lost in his own head, and not usually focused on what's going on around him. There are a few people who grab his attention and hold it long enough, but he can't ever guarantee he really likes any one of them enough to spend more time with them. It takes a lot of wear and tear to get him used to your presence.

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lorcan cassius hart










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31 August 1993

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gayer than u

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secretly married to hugo a. parker


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