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The first thing you should know about Balthasar Valenti, is that he fucking hates the name Balthasar. It's old fashioned and pretentious and he is everything but. He will forever insist that you call him Balto. It's much less stuffy, and doesn't make him sound like a bearded old wizard, or a wise-man bringing you mur (whatever the fuck that is). The second thing you need to know about Balto, is that he's been a real piece of work most of his life. And he's trying really hard to atone for that now. He doesn't always succeed, but give him some time. He's only at the beginning of his redemption arc.

Balto grew up in a pretty rundown part of Chicago. Born and bred Southside trash, and proud of it. His dad wasn't part of the picture, it's debatable that his mother even knew which of the three men she was dating at the time actually fathered her child. Truthfully it never seemed to matter. In their neighborhood, absent fathers were every bit as common as drug overdose, underage drinking, and spousal abuse. It was just part of their world. Adriana Valenti wasn't a bad person, really. But she was a mess in her own right. She had a prescription drug problem, and a sleeping around problem, and a keeping a job problem. But they scraped by. She always managed to find the money to pay rent somehow, and Balto did what he could as a kid to help. Fake fundraising, lifting hubcaps, whatever put money in his pocket and food on the table.

Perhaps you can attribute his selfishness to the way he was raised. It was every man for himself. He couldn't afford to care about other people's feelings, or the consequences of his actions. Not if he wanted to eat, or stay warm, or wear sneakers that weren't being held together by duct tape alone. Balto lacked a lot of supervision as a kid and a teenager. His mother had her own troubles and life to attend to. Their paths crossed every night at home, when he would hold her hair back while she threw up. Or she would clean up the bloody cut on his face from getting into a fight with a guy wearing too many rings. They had a complicated relationship, and were more like roommates than mother and son for the most part. Which is why Balto was never concerned about staying out too late, or drinking at 15, or skipping class to smoke outside under the bleachers.

School was never all that important to Balto. He wasn't stupid, he just didn't care. His homework rarely got turned in, when it did it was usually incomplete and had some sort of nondescript stain on it. The only reason he steadily made it through, was his consistent ability to ace his exams. His teachers hated him, his guidance counselors were at a loss of what to do with him. He hung out with troublemakers and weirdos, the kids everyone else looked at like they were beneath them, like they'd never amount to much of anything. Balto enjoyed breaking the rules, living on the edge, and doing as he pleased. No one had ever tried to stop him before, at least no one he cared to listen to. If anything he thought it was funny that his girlfriend's parents disapproved, or the woman at the supermarket was scandalized by his lewd behavior.

It wasn't until he was seventeen that things took a wrong turn and he found himself shipped off to some shitty rural town in fucking Ohio of all places (even people from Ohio didn't want to be in Ohio, what the fuck?), to live with his grandparents. Balto had never cared much what pills his mom was popping, or about the booze she was using to wash it down. He didn't care that there was a leak in the roof, or that the power company sometimes shut their heat off. Their relationship was fine, their system worked. But when Adriana's parents decided to drop in for a visit (for the first time Balto could ever really remember), and realized what a state their daughter, and their grandson were living in, they decided it couldn't go on any longer. They forcibly admitted Adriana into a rehab program, and gave Balto no choice but to move back home with them.

He didn't go quietly at all. Despite the whole point of his new living situation was to turn his life around and get his shit together, Balto was uninterested in cooperating. He still got into all kinds of trouble, made messes, protested this new life with every fiber of his being. He threatened to drop out of school weekly, to just leave and never come back. He broke things, got in fights, made sure to get picked up by the cops a couple times just for the sheer embarrassment it caused the old geezers that thought they could run his life now, after staying out of it for so damn long.

Even after moving hours away to a land of slow internet and "there's nothing to fucking do in this town," Balto maintained his relationship with his girlfriend back in Chicago. They couldn't see each other much, but they talked a lot. It was weird, honestly. More abstract that a regular relationship. They talked like a couple, but there was little else holding them together as far as he could tell. And Balto was, well, your stereotypical teenage boy. He stayed with Sunny for quite a long time (years, actually), but he was never quite as loyal as his fucking dog name would suggest. He fucked around with girls from school, eventually with people he met at the bar, or on Tinder. He figured it wasn't a big deal. It wasn't like he cared about any of the people he was hooking up with. It was just sex, and Sun was probably doing the same anyways. Long distance monogamy was a joke, right?

One day Sun called him up and told him it was over without much explanation whatsoever, but Balto seemed to take it in a stride. They'd been close in a way, but the lack of seeing one another regularly for years had taken a lot of the sting away from it. She'd probably gotten tired of waiting around for him to get his shit together (like everyone else in his life seemed to be), or maybe she'd met someone new. He didn't really care what the reason was, honestly. It was her choice.

For the next few years he hung around the sleepy little town his grandparents lived in. His mother had joined them awhile ago, but she'd been in an out of rehab so many times now, they'd never been able to find the stability to leave on their own. Balto got a job working at a hardware store, and spent a lot of time still fucking around, not even trying to be a full-fledged adult. He drank away his money, or blew it on tattoos and piercings. He slept with strangers, serial dated women, and didn't really care much to think about his future or what he wanted from it. Honestly, the future felt like such an abstract concept to Balto. He'd spent so much of his life living one day at a time, it was hard to conceptualize a future where he wasn't doing much of the same. Living in the moment, going in whatever direction he happened to stumble in that day.

A little over a year ago, a girl he'd dated briefly showed up back in his life and told him that she was pregnant, and that it was definitely his. Balto did not by any means want to be a father. If he were being honest, it was the last thing he wanted at this point in his life. But he wasn't so far gone that he could imagine skipping town to leave Cara alone with his kid. He wasn't going to be like his own father, some absent figure in his kid's life that didn't mean anything. So he told Cara that he would help, and that was that. In truth he wasn't nearly as prepared as he thought he was when their daughter, Blue Adriana, was born. "How hard could it be?" turned into "I haven't slept in three days and I want to cry," real fast.

He and Cara tried to make it work (like they somehow felt like they owed it to the kid to be a "normal" family). They moved in together, they took turns changing diapers, and getting up all through the night to fix bottles for an infant. But it was stressful. They both worked shitty jobs, it was impossible to find babysitters, money was tight and sleep was minimal. Balto refused to ask his grandparents for help, stating that they would only try to make him feel worse for his incompetence when it came to being a parent. Neither of them knew what they were doing. Balto had never been around babies before, Cara didn't seem to have any of that motherly instinct those stupid mommy-blogs talked about. And so the two of them fought. A lot. Like, almost constantly. Over work schedules, and sleep, and who's turn it was to go out with their friends and take a break. They fought over their own shortcomings and insecurities. Over what to do about every little issue that popped up.

Looking back on it, Balto isn't surprised that he woke up one morning and Cara and all of her stuff was gone. Their life together had been toxic and unhealthy, this thing they tried to fool themselves into embracing was never going to work out. She left a note in the kitchen that said something to the effect of "I can't do this" and Balto found himself a single father just like that. He refused to accept it at first, finding every reason to doubt that Cara would stay away for long. She was just upset, she'd be back. Look, she'd left that jacket she really liked, of course she was coming back. But as the days slipped by into weeks, and he was still alone, he was forced to admit that this was it. He was a dad, and he had no other choice but to get his shit together for the first time in his life. Balto was finally forced to think about what was good for someone other than himself. He's still working on getting that part right all the time, but he does love his daughter, and he wants to do good by her.

Things were definitely more of a struggle on his own, but Balto was somehow managing to make-do. Perhaps it was a paternal thing, or maybe his mother had just taught him well. Truthfully, even being as scared as he was, Balto felt like he had things under control. Until Blue started floating, of course. The first time it happened it was minor. So minor he hardly noticed it happen, and chocked it up to his sleep-deprived brain running wild on him. But after that it kept happening. She would be laid on the couch while he changed her, Balto would look away for one second to grab a fresh diaper and she'd suddenly be hovering two feet in the air. And he's not gonna lie, it kind of freaked him out. He knew gifted people existed, but he never anticipated his daughter would have a power. He didn't even know he had one himself at the time. But he knew he couldn't handle this all on his own, he was already barely getting by, and floating babies were definitely more complicated than regular ones. Balto was never going to ask his grandparents for help, so he turned to the internet to research.

His Google searches led him to the Sarasvati Institute pretty quickly, back in his hometown of Chicago. And he didn't take long to decide to get in touch with the Institute. They were admittedly a huge help, even just over the phone, and Balto's decision to move back home was almost instantaneous. He'd been missing Chicago for years, and this was the opportunity he needed to find his way back home. The Institute would be able to help him understand his daughter's gifts, and they were willing to help him find work and housing to relocate, too. Within a month he was settling into a shabby looking apartment on the Southside once more. The program the Institute hooked him up with pointed him towards a job washing dishes at a local diner, and helped set him up on a welfare program that would help ensure he never had to worry about the heat going out, or skipping meals the way he did growing up. The Institute itself even had a daycare center with staff that he could trust to look after Blue during the day. Life really seemed to be coming together, and the last few months have been pretty damn good, floating baby related issues aside. Balto thinks he can finally picture what his future looks like. Maybe not every little detail, but there's definitely a picture there now.

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