charlie h. liu
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born a first-generation chinese-american to two chinese immigrants, charlotte liu (hui-ying to her family) was immediately loved and cherished. she was also, much to her chagrin, sheltered beyond belief, largely due to the fact that it was discovered after her birth that her mother was actually unable to bear any more children. charlotte herself was something of a miracle child as it was, a special blessing to her parents, who had left their hometown in china fleeing anti-gifted sentiment after their powers were discovered. they wound up instead in chicago's chinatown, working in and eventually taking ownership of a restaurant there. it was here that charlotte was born and raised.

she wouldn't go by charlotte for very long, as friends gave her the nickname charlie once she started school, and she latched onto it pretty quickly. but charlie had a pretty ordinary life otherwise, going to school and making friends and coming home to watch cartoons on tv while she procrastinated on her homework. her parents were working hard to make sure that she had it good, though, and in return charlie was supposed to be the perfect child. but she was a little too loud, asked a few too many questions. her parents tried to stifle her ridiculousness by diverting her interests elsewhere. so she started taking piano lessons at the age of six, then violin, then classical guitar, all on top of each other. in middle school she picked up the tenor saxophone and french horn, as well. her love of music had taken over — even though her parents' plan, to make her quiet down in the rest of her life, had ultimately failed; she was still rambunctious as ever.

it was the piano that led to the discovery of charlie's powers when she was twelve years old. well, kind of. she was at a piano recital, and she had just finished playing her piece. but no sooner had the audience's applause died down (to a charlie liu who took her bows for a few seconds longer than most kids would have done, and certainly longer than her piano teacher would have deemed appropriate) than peter wei was taking the stage and performing the show's finale, to much more applause than she had received. and when the recital ended, all anyone seemed to want to do was praise peter. charlie marched into the middle of the room and demanded everyone's attention, wanting the eyes back on her. she wasn't even sure what exactly she wanted to do. but she was spared having to come up with anything, fortunately. because next second, everyone was gasping anyway at the shimmery, pinkish wings that were poking out from the top of her dress.

her parents had always known there was a strong possibility she'd have powers, but they had also always hoped that her gift would be inconspicuous, easily hidden. but of course, nothing about charlie could ever be inconspicuous. the only blessing of the reveal was that gifted humans had gone public quite a while ago by that point, and they could be assured that things would still be relatively alright.

they hoped that she would be able to control her power on her own, but it quickly became apparent that this wasn't happening either. the wings weren't always there, but they seemed to show up at the most... well, actually, they showed up only at the most opportune times, whenever charlie was looking for a little extra attention from the people around her. for a while, they thought she just intentionally did it for the attention. but it was more automatic than anything else, and she had no control at all over what her body decided was necessary in order to get all eyes on her. come high school, her parents (somewhat grudgingly) sent her to the institute. and charlie was very happy with that. it was further than she'd ever been allowed to travel to on her own before, and it was a new crowd of people to meet (and impress). it was going to be her time to shine.

she threw herself into life at the institute, and the school's music program was a particular favourite of hers. she joined the jazz band, concert band, and marching band, and had a brief stint in the choir. (she quit the last one when the director told her that she didn't have a "choir voice," but she stayed in the rest of the ensembles.) it kept her busy enough that she neglected much of her schoolwork, which her parents were none too happy about, still clinging to the hope that their daughter, with the loud voice and bubblegum pink hair, might be making her way to medical school one day. (she wasn't, of course; she weeded science courses out of her schedule at the earliest possibility, winding up in entirely music and social studies classes by her senior year.)

she was in her junior year when a few of her classmates formed a band (trouble, they called it) and started announcing on social media that they were looking for a singer. charlie didn't really know them, but she grew attached to the idea of singing in a badass punk rock band anyway, and she showed up to auditions. she was thrilled a week later to find out that they'd chosen her, and from then on, things were... more or less smooth sailing. she wasn't exactly the best of friends with her bandmates, and they rarely saw eye to eye on things, but they made some good music. they played a few gigs, wherever they could when they were still teenagers. charlie abandoned nearly all her other responsibilities to attend practices and shows and do promotions. she'd never considered the possibility of her future career being rock star, but now that it was in her head, there was no getting it out.

it was only a stroke of luck that they were discovered by a big music agent, and an even greater stroke of almost unbelievable luck that this agent managed to get them signed to a mainstream record label only a few months after they all graduated from high school. it was almost like it was out of a movie, a bunch of kids getting the chance of a lifetime to live their dreams. and for a while, they did. in almost no time at all they put out an album and then went on tour opening for another, more established band. they were making money, becoming famous, and developing a strong fanbase. it happened quickly.

but it ended even more quickly. the band had been arguing for months. well, that wasn't entirely accurate. charlie had been arguing with the rest of the band for months. everything was a point of contention for them. charlie took things too seriously. she talked too much. she always had an opinion about everything. she made people uncomfortable and told people, frequently, when she felt they were being racist or misogynistic or homophobic or otherwise bigoted (which was every day). she had issues with some of their lyric choices. she was too loud, and too much, and she just didn't jive with the rest of the band. after things got a little tense during a radio interview with the band, it was never the same. four months after they finished touring, the others had a meeting with their agent and their contact at the record label, and they kicked charlie out of the band.

the record label didn't drop charlie. she's pretty sure that they're actually contractually unable to do so, but the official statement was that they liked her talent and wanted to see what her future with the label might be. they tossed around the idea of letting her pursue a solo career for a while, but in the end decided against it when they realized that they had a few other budding musicians coming into contracts on their own. and so the renegades came into being, a mix of floaters looking to make it big in music but without any bandmates for whatever their own reasons were. charlie came rolling in at full speed, guns blazing, ready to go. the rest of them were taken aback, sure, but they've all been learning to work with one another, starting to settle into their own roles in the band. charlie is still as loud and opinionated as ever, but the renegades are a better fit for her, and she's convinced they have what it takes to make it way bigger than her old band did. more importantly, she's convinced they have what it takes to change the world.

it isn't so much that charlie has separate public and private personae, but rather that she has a different persona for each situation. none of them is really fake, either; they're all different parts of her, it's just that she knows what she needs to turn on or off at any given time... well, she's learning to, anyway. after the disaster that was her first attempt at a music career, she's really trying to be better at approaching things more smartly. at least one thing remains a constant in every version of charlie, though: she craves attention, and will constantly seek it out.

the thing about craving attention is that she knows exactly what she needs to do to get it, and what to do with it once she does, at any given time. the charlie on stage at live shows dances and runs and flies around, yelling at the audience that "i'm a fairy princess, motherfucker!!!" but this isn't all she has to say, either. now that she's not trapped in the somewhat toxic environment of her last band, the charlie during interviews is fun and easygoing, but smart. she's able to field many questions because of this, and she never misses an opportunity to discuss the kinds of issues that they also write music about; feminist rants and discussions about racism are not at all uncommon. but this is all mixed into a general charismatic attitude that kind of makes her stellar in these settings.

in her day-to-day life, though, charlie is neither of these things entirely. while she still certainly has her moments of both personalities, she's also simpler than either of them. most of the time she's just a pretty upbeat, bubbly person. she still looks for attention all the time, but she's surprisingly laidback as well. she's more intelligent than she would appear otherwise, though she has what some might call an obsession with image. in charlie's world, appearances and perceptions are everything, and she's good at putting on a show, whether in a literal or more figurative sense. she recognizes that different situations call for different things.

the girl running around with a devil-may-care attitude and pulling ridiculous stunts for attention may seem strikingly different from the girl who sits down over coffee to talk to you about politics, or the girl who can spend twelve hours a day working on her music and not talking to anybody. but it's all charlie. it's pretty impossible to expect the same thing from her every single day, but she doesn't really ever fake it, either; she's pretty unapologetic about being herself. there are just different parts of her that switch on and off at different times.

full name

charlotte hui-ying liu










wing manifestation


12 August 1996

romantic/sexual orientation

bi as hell

relationship status

denying her feelings for a trashbag named dino caplin


chaotic good





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fernanda hin lin ly
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