jeremy s. rose
build your hopes up like a tower i'm giving you the run around i'm just a lost boy not ready to be found
full name jeremy solomon rose
nickname jere
age twenty
pronouns he/him
occupation college student
face claim malik lambert
power size shifting (Shapeshifting)
birthday 1 February 1997
romantic/ sexual orientation homoromantic asexual
relationship status single
alignment lawful neutral
zodiac aquarius
mbti No Information
jeremy solomon rose grew up in a one-parent household, raised by his single mother, perhaps the single greatest person he can think of. janeka rose had been sponsored to come to the united states by her brother, jamal. she quickly met and started dating a new york boy, anthony fischer, although it wasn't a serious relationship. perhaps that was why they broke up only a few months later, before jeremy was born. janeka had told anthony that she would be having a baby, but in the end, they both decided that their relationship wasn't working despite all of this, refusing to stay together only for a child. anthony never had a real interest in being a father, and he still mostly doesn't. he sends his child support on time and very rarely visits, and it's an arrangement that works for all of them. jeremy's never needed anyone but his mother and her family.

he was born and raised in a working class area of new york city. it was nothing glamorous, but it wasn't a bad childhood by any means. janeka did the best she could — jeremy knew that. and when times got tough, his uncle jamal was there to help. when jamal decided to move to chicago, janeka decided to move herself and nine-year-old jeremy there as well. family was important to her, and staying together was a big deal at a time when they were more or less all she had. jeremy resented it at the time, never wanting to leave the home he'd grown to love in new york. but in the end, he's glad that they did it. they still didn't have a whole lot, and they'd left behind many of their already scant material possessions in new york. still, they had enough. with jamal's help, jeremy and his mother were able to settle in a nice, small two-bedroom apartment in a quiet lower middle class area. jeremy, still young and bright-eyed, started school and began to make new friends with no real fuss. it had always come easily to him.

he was always an active, popular kid. he played lots of sports, although basketball was his favourite. gym was always the highest mark on his report card. and his mother supported him, encouraging him, trying to make it to as many games as she possibly could, and making sure he had a way to and from his early-morning or after-school practices when he started playing on sports teams in middle school. still, his academic career was always most important, she told him. he could stay on teams and play whatever he wanted so long as he kept his grades up. and jeremy obliged, trying the best he could and working hard to maintain his grades. it was never easy by any means — school didn't come easily to him, unlike most other things he tried. but it taught him the value of hard work, and it's a trait that he knows has helped him throughout his life.

he was thirteen years old, and playing two-on-two basketball with some of his friends, when his powers first kicked in and threw him for a loop. he went to duck under his friend's arm, poised to shoot, when suddenly the ball was slipping from his fingers and rolling off down the street while he shrank down to only three inches tall. he was just lucky that markus didn't accidentally step on him. he was also lucky that all the other boys were so okay with it. gifted people had gone public a few years ago, and in chicago, home of the sarasvati institute, half of them had met gifted people already. mostly, as thirteen-year-old boys tended to do, they just thought it was pretty cool. jeremy has always been grateful that, as far as a story of a power's first manifestation went, it was a pretty uneventful one.

his mother wasn't gifted, but his uncle and cousin were, and he was more grateful than ever to have their support as he figured out where to go from there. he didn't necessarily want to leave all of his friends behind, but they strongly suggested he go to the institute to learn to control his gift, so he went, albeit reluctantly. it wasn't the worst thing in the world, really. the institute was more than willing to work with his size shifting when it came to letting him play basketball on the school team. and other than that, it was a pretty normal, relaxed experience... at least, until he started to realize he was gay.

perhaps it had been coming on for years, but it was in high school, when all around him people's hormones seemed to kick into overdrive, that the idea began cementing itself in his mind. he wasn't really interested in girls at all. but he definitely, definitely wanted to kiss boys. none of it was really anything like the sexual awakening he had seen in the occasional movie or tv show before. there was no stereotypical checking out boys in the locker room, or becoming obsessed with gay porn. (he did watch it, a few times, under the covers in the dead of night, and it was decent enough, he supposed.) instead, he found himself with a crush on his best friend iggy. it was innocent and strong, and definitely the set-up to a cute high school love story.

none of this was a part of the typical high school jock experience, though, so jeremy ignored it. he flirted with girls, kissed a few at parties, went on some dates, and had a girlfriend for a brief time. he was always lucky enough to be able to play it off and cover things up easily. if anyone ever questioned his sexuality, they never brought it up, whether to his face or behind his back. in any case, it wasn't forever, he told himself; eventually he'd be ready to come out. in the meantime, life was good to jeremy. he was a popular guy, the type of personality that tended to attract people of all different kinds. he had lots of friends. he did things he enjoyed. he ate lots of mediocre cafeteria food. he worked hard in school, never wanting to disappoint his mom, but he generally had a good, rather stereotypical high school experience.

he was graduating soon, and his palms were sweaty when he decided that he was going to do it — he was going to tell iggyhow he felt, ask him to prom, show up with his male date and come out to everyone at once. of course, not everything could go jeremy's way in life. in retrospect, he's just glad that iggy was nice in his rejection, and once again, agreed to keep another secret of jeremy's for him. he was a good best friend, after all. jeremy went to prom with a girl — another one of their friends — and neither of them ever mentioned it again. he'd taken one tentative step out of the closet, and then immediately gone rushing back in.

in the meantime, he had applied to a number of different schools and tried to get a number of different scholarships. the university of chicago didn't offer sports scholarships, but various outside organizations threw some bursaries at him as a student athlete. and at the advice of his mom, who wanted him to go to the best school he could, he chose uchicago. he had no interest in packing up his life and going anywhere far away from home, anyway.

so far, it's been a good fit for jeremy. he threw himself into varsity basketball right away and plays a few intramural sports as well, and he really loves it. he works hard to maintain his grades so he can still stay on the sports teams (and graduate, of course). he's still kind of the typical jock. he's fairly popular and still parties a fair amount. he drinks a lot and smokes weed on occasion, but he hasn't touched anything else — and very likely won't, since he needs to stay fit enough for basketball. he keeps himself busy, always running from class to his job as a campus tour guide to basketball practice to hanging out with his bros to whatever other things he has going on for any given day.

personality-wise, he's generally very likable, and that might be the only way to really explain it. he's incredibly charismatic, charming, and friendly to a fault. he's outgoing and is typically down for anything as long as it's not too illegal or dangerous. he sneaks into the occasional club in his friends' pockets and purses, and he's always up for a party. he sometimes has a tendency to be a bit of a jerk, in the typical "popular jock" way, because that's what he thinks he needs to be in order to keep up appearances. deep down, he's kind of just scared, and charisma can't make up for all of that. he acts like he wears his heart on his sleeve, but he keeps two of his most important identities — his gift and his orientation — hidden from everyone. he's full of overcompensation in many ways, always trying to talk a big game and be so much more than he really is.

truthfully, jeremy isn't sure that he really knows how to be himself anymore, and he's afraid of people finding out that, underneath it all, he's kind of just a sensitive marshmallow and a dork who knows every single lyric to every single song from every single high school musical movie. but don't get him wrong — he's not unhappy with his life by any means. he knows it's a good one. he just wishes it was a little tiny bit better.
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