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hugo has always been the parker family baby, last born of seven kids to rhiannon brownley, a state senator for illinois, and nicholas parker, owner of a small chain of restaurants. his parents' busy schedules and the pile of older siblings meant that there wasn't always a lot of time left in the day for hugo, leaving him almost somewhat neglected half the time. but, being the baby of what was still a big, loving family, he managed to be coddled simultaneously as well, leaving him in some kind of weird limbo of getting either no attention or far too much attention at any given point in time.

it was definitely a weird life to live, but by no means a bad one. hugo's always had what he considers a pretty good life. there are people who care about him, his family is pretty wealthy, and all in all he's got it good. sure, he has way more siblings than he probably needs, and his family is far too overbearing sometimes for his liking, and it's strange that his mom is a political figure who's actually in the public eye all the time. but these are all things he's learnt to put up with, and it sure has made him develop some thick skin.

powers were no secret in his family. his parents sat each of them down when they were old enough and told them about the things they'd have to keep hidden: abilities that might eventually manifest in each of them, the consequences they'd face if they weren't able to keep them hidden, the way their mom had been helping to protect people like them for years now. his parents were gifted themselves, his dad with the ability of matter ingestion, his mom with night vision. and his siblings discovered their power at various times, in turn, a wide assortment of abilities that kept the parker household very... lively, to say the least.

he was only four when he discovered his own power. well, maybe "discovered" was a poor word for it; it didn't just show up randomly. it was always there. but he didn't realize it until then. it was while he was trying to point something distant out to his parents that his mom realized that there was no conceivable way he should have been able to see it. well — there was one conceivable way. and from there it was a matter of training to adjust the range of his own telescopic vision, stretching it farther while also learning to rein it in.

when hugo started attending school, it became apparent, very early on, that he was good at it; he was smart. smart enough that his family wasn't beyond jokes about super mentality and whether or not that was his real ability. but, as it turned out, he was "just" incredibly smart. he was somewhat bored in his early years of education, but still top of the class every single year. it was a point of pride for his mother, who hoped that her youngest son would continue to excel so much in school. and excel he did, progressing through the school years with top grades in pretty much everything he did. and he even enjoyed it. lucky enough to have natural brilliance and a genuine love of learning, he was pretty much the perfect student. he's a ridiculously high achiever in school and has been holding himself to these standards for as long as he can remember.

while he was a fairly universal student, doing well even in subjects where he found a little more difficulty, numbers were always his favourite. they made sense, spoke to him, clicked in a particular way that his brain was able to process more readily. and yet oddly, he also found a home in art classes, enjoying them more than he did most other things. he spent hours in the backyard of his family home staring up at the sky, and he fell in love with the stars. and he wanted to recreate what he could see that nobody else around him ever could. it was the inspiration for a lot of his artwork as he grew up.

he was always praised up and down by teachers in most every subject. but outside of this, hugo's always been far from the golden boy of the family. he's just a massive contradiction. despite his stellar academic record, he always refused on principle to ever discuss his grades or his schoolwork, period. (the one and only exception to his rule is his mom, and she's sworn to secrecy. he doesn't slip. not ever.) it's an odd quirk, because he absolutely refuses to boast about this, even though it would be easy, something he could actually possibly justify boasting about. but he avoids it so much that he hasn't talked about it at all since starting high school.

don't get hugo wrong, it isn't that he doesn't like to boast in general. he really does — about literally everything else. he fronts that he has a ridiculous ego, and it's up to you to decide how much of it is real and how much is just for show. (he's not even entirely sure, himself.) he's an arrogant jerk about his looks, and the small collection of local swimming trophies that he collected when he was younger before he quit competing, and the idea that he's "tough" now that he's bulked up and is no longer the scrawny kid he was at the age of fourteen. and of course, all of this is bullshit, because he'll really only boast about the things that aren't actually impressive, and he knows it. but when it's something that matters to him, he won't say a word.

still, none of that means he doesn't want people to know he's smart, as weird and contradictory as that sounds. he may not be a fan of blatantly rubbing his grades in other people's faces, but he sure as hell isn't afraid to showcase his brains. he wants you to know, but he doesn't want to say it. people certainly aren't allowed to think he's at all stupid. he's always with a witty quip of some kind on his lips, and everything he says is sarcastic.

he's sassy as all hell and doesn't ever let anything pass without a retort of some kind; he's too stubborn to back down like that. he's abrasive and condescending. this attitude doesn't earn him too many fans, and the whole thing is incredibly contradictory, but that's kind of the way hugo likes to present himself: aloof and completely apathetic about everything, and yet cocky and sure of himself and always with a sarcastic (and oftentimes horribly rude) comment for absolutely everyone. this presentation doesn't always make sense to people, but that's pretty alright by hugo. he doesn't care if he makes sense to other people anyway.

all of that said, those few who are really close to him will know how much of a giant dork he is. he'll talk for hours if you get him started on something, like a school subject he really likes (and there are many of those, because he just really enjoys school, even if he plays it off otherwise). he loves movies of all kinds, from animated movies for kids to ridiculously hyped action films to documentaries on what most people would consider the dullest of all possible topics. he's incredibly passionate about things that most people just aren't, and has so many opinions on things that other people don't necessarily think about.

overall, he's just an enormous dork. but to most people, he hides it fairly well under layers and layers of aloof sarcasm. his life is his business, and nobody else's. he'll never bother trying to explain himself to other people. and perhaps this is an issue, but he doesn't care about that, either. he's worked up quite the lousy attitude over the years. with six older siblings, he's used to having to fend for himself in a family where his accomplishments are very rarely unique ones, and there's always been someone bigger, tougher, stronger, better in every way. he'd never trade his family for anything, but hugo knows that it sure has moulded him into quite the abrasive character.

he graduated from high school with awards upon awards for academic achievement. he'd applied to a handful of colleges across the country, including a number of ivy league schools, and was accepted everywhere he applied. but, in the same way he never tried to brag about his grades, he never tried to make himself look impressive by attending some kind of fancy school either, despite his mom's insistence that he take the most prestigious school's offer of admission.

he settled comfortably into the university of chicago, opting not to move too far away from home; his hometown, aurora, was less than an hour's drive away. he moved out and picked up work as a waiter at the chicago branch of his dad's restaurant chain, and threw himself headfirst into city life. of course, all was not great. after about two years he found himself out of a job, his rotten attitude causing too many issues. (leave it to hugo to be fired from his dad's own restaurant, where his own brother was the assistant manager.) luckily for hugo, though, he had friends in high places... well, if a tattoo parlour was considered a high place. and he was fortunate enough for one of said friends to take pity on him and offer him a position as an apprentice at the shop.

at the age of twenty-one, he stood alongside his mom, with the rest of his family, as she made the public announcement that she was gifted and would begin openly advocating for gifted rights. as a result, he's now pretty open about his power as well. of course, he's lucky; his own gift isn't nearly as visible as many other people's are. it still allows him some level of candidness when it comes to that kind of thing. but his parents' names are rather too well-known to avoid some people who know, especially after the media frenzy that came with a state senator's announcement of something so big.

he graduated from university having double majored in astrophysics and animation (of all weird combinations), and he took his dual-degrees and went... to the exact same place again: the university of chicago. this time, it's for a phd in astrophysics & astronomy. give it some more time, and you'll be calling him dr. hugo parker, phd. but the road wasn't smooth. things in his life had to fall apart to come back together again. a string of bad relationships, the absence of his lifelong best friend, poor self-esteem, and a number of unhealthy coping mechanisms led him to a breakdown in his first year of grad school. he only blames himself, really. in the end, he went missing and wound up on a three-day bender.

and then things came back together. once he came back and started trying to piece things back in order again, he started dating lorcan hart, got his academics on track once more, and even (to his surprise) got to welcome his best friend back into his life from a long trip abroad. he's been doing a lot better, even if it's still not great all the time.

when he was offered a position as a full-time research assistant for a year, he had to take it, even though it was in new zealand and a long ways from his boyfriend. but hugo had always wanted to travel, and he had always wanted to do research, and truthfully, lorcan would have never let him stay. hugo just couldn't leave... without proposing first. so he popped the question in september and then left in november, and he's been gone ever since. he's only just getting back to chicago now and starting to pick up his life right where he left off: with his boyfriend fiance and their pets in their cute little south side house, visiting his grandparents every week, hanging out with his friends again, going back his weekend job at the tattoo parlour, and of course continuing to work at getting his phd. one day he'll get there.

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hugo adam parker








grad student / tattoo artist


telescopic vision


30 June 1992

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secretly married i mean engaged to lorcan hart


lawful neutral





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