hazel abe
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If you ask about Hazel, she would smile and admit there's not much to her. Not much to tell - sometimes, she doesn't feel like she's substantial enough, more like a phantom built of expectations and meaningless descriptors - the Japanese chick, frigid bitch, my-daughter-the-law-student, irrational and high, Hazel-and-I'll-Be-Your-Waitress-Today.

Sometimes, she's afraid that if she thinks about it too hard, she'll find a loophole and think herself right out existence.

But these are the firm facts of a real girl:

She was born in Everett, Washington. Her mother didn't work, and her father did work, though it was never clear exactly where. She remembers he used to have a briefcase, and he usually came home late, noisily. Hazel would lay in bed, bedsheets pulled up to her nose, listening to her parents argue on the nights her mother stayed up.

Her father wasn't a bad drunk. Not the way they are in movies. He was affectionate and loud - he used to pull Hazel into his lap and bounce her like a baby, calling her pet names, though she was far too old for this and always protesting.

Hazel was seven when they left.

There was no breaking point, no Big Fight or Bad Mistake. Hazel almost didn't understand why they had to leave. But her mother wasn't the kind of woman to explain things, she was the kind to pack their bags and leave a note on the kitchen table. Hazel was told her father was sick, that they would go back when he was better. Nobody told her it was the kind of sickness you never really got better from.

Living with her aunt, and uncle, and their three children wasn't better. It was crowded and chaotic, and Hazel almost missed mornings at home, tiptoeing around the kitchen and being careful with the cutlery when her dad was hungover.

It was almost a year before she and her mother moved back out into their own two-bedroom apartment. Her mother worked a retail job, while Hazel juggled school with part-time work. From then on, things were stable and without incident. Not easy, but stable.

She saw her father a few times a year. Visits were terse and uncomfortable. He was practically a stranger - not only because of how rarely they met, but because they were different. Her father was always slipping off the wagon, irresponsible and sordid. Hazel was exemplary, high grades and big ambitions.

After high school, she finished a bachelor's degree in English, with a minor in philosophy at Central Washington University, earning a partial scholarship to law school in Chicago.

Now she's twenty-two years old and in her first year of law school. Her life is still boring and repetitive, but she doesn't mind, it keeps her anxieties at bay. Everything is organized, simple, compartmentalized - school, work, sleep, aderall, xanax, ambien. Hazel runs like a smooth machine.

Or, she did. She used to. She still does, usually - when she's not hearing the echo of voices in empty halls. When there's no sourceless screams from across the street. When there's no soft breath on her neck during late and lonely hours.

tl;dr Hazel is an ambitious University of Chicago law student with a pill habit. She's also working part time as a waitress, and generally not living a particularly interesting life - which is fine by her. Recently her mediumship has recently started manifesting as her the voices of the restless dead calling out to her, though Hazel doesn't know she has powers and is convinced she might just be losing it.

full name

hazel abe








student & waitress




5 August 1994

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biromantic bisexual

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lawful good





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