shawn c. summers
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australia is a distant memory in shawn’s mind, having left it when they were four. not much stands out from that time, just a lot of noisy kids stuck in the same house with not enough bedrooms to hold them all. shawn was too young to notice it, too young to want anything different, too young to realize why the family was moving across the ocean to an entirely new place. they don’t consider themselves australian; america is the only place they’ve really ever known.

for them, australia is more of a concept than a place. when they were six and their mother died, shawn was told that she had gone somewhere far away, and that she wouldn’t be coming back. somewhere along the lines after the funeral, australia became that faraway place, and while they can barely remember the country or their mother, the two became eternally connected in their mind, and they can distinctly remember believing that their mother had gone across the ocean, never to return to the family.

that belief faded in time, once they grew old enough to understand death for what it was. without a mother to draw them to their birth country, however, shawn leaned even more heavily on their new american citizenship, all but disowning any connection to the place whatsoever. they consciously combat any australian traces that are still caught in their voice and follow their classmates’ influence in the naming of things--the idea of using the same australian slang they might hear at home almost disgusts them.


leesburg in virginia was always home, like it or not. it was a challenge sometimes to be the youngest in such a large family, when everyone was bigger and older and could do so many more things than shawn could. siblings grew up and moved out and got married, or learned to drive and hit the town, where shawn themselves was just stuck at home taking spelling tests. everyone had already been there, done that, which made anything shawn did slightly less impressive. not that they weren’t valued by their family; on the contrary, the summerses were a wonderful family to be brought up in. They were always supportive and loving, if a bit sad for a reason that shawn struggled to relate to.

aside from ordinary childhood angst, the decade after shawn’s mother’s death passed without much drama. it was when they were sixteen that they first came upon their power. having a house full of people meant that you were bound to get walked in on at some point, while you were changing or getting out of the shower or just dying for some time alone. one rainy afternoon they were changing out of wet clothes when a sibling walked in, and in the moment they wished the sibling would somehow not see them--which, miraculously, they didn’t, despite shawn standing in the middle of the room in plain sight. for a time they thought they might be able to become invisible, but were soon showed wrong. the next time shawn caught someone in the family eating candy shawn had bought for themselves, the person realized they couldn’t taste it. after some experimenting shawn realized they could control not only sight and taste but all five of the basic human senses, which sometimes comes in handy when you want to scream at somebody without getting in trouble for it.


shawn graduated high school with few ideas of what to do afterwards. they liked a good few things, anything from writing poems to geology, but were passionate in nothing. after a few weeks of panicking about what to do with their future-since they hadn’t applied to any colleges-eighteen year old shawn decided to take a gap year between high school and college to “discover themselves” and figure out what they wanted to do for the rest of their life. this turned into a summer-long road trip from virginia to florida. in a 24-hour diner somewhere in georgia, they met max, who was twenty-three and an artist working night shifts at the diner to devote more daylight hours to “living.” on this trip to discover themselves and their interests, shawn had discovered a boy, had fully realized their desire for him, had decided they wanted nothing more in this world than they wanted him. they hooked up in the back of shawn’s car as soon as max’s shift ended, and max went with him to florida and back to georgia on the return trip. the two swore to keep in contact, despite agreeing it was for the best not to try a long-distance relationship. for a few months they went strong with skype calls and snapchats and the occasional sexting, but by the new year these things started going unanswered, and shawn considered the relationship over, despite still feeling very much in love with this artist. art was all around them at home, things leftover from their artist mother and from the siblings who had picked it up after her. everything reminded them of max.

they were still pining in silence when in late march, shawn’s phone rang sometime in the middle of the night. as soon as they saw “max <3 <3” show up on the screen, they felt whatever feelings had faded from his absence come rushing back. they could have done anything, would have gone anywhere for him, anything to have the artist back in their life. “move to chicago with me,” the artist said after months of silence.

so, despite the arguments of their family, shawn followed the boy to a city they didn’t know, with no plan except to be with him. max made shawn feel alive in a way nothing else did, not the semi-precious stones they’d found in the woods as a preteen, not reciting spoken word poetry in front of an appreciative crowd, nothing. it felt that if they didn’t do this now, there would be no way to be happy again. the pair lived in a tiny apartment, and that was where shawn learned what it meant to be a starving artist, even without producing much art themselves. occasionally when max would get drunk and angrily paint, shawn would get drunk and write poems, but they never felt the work amounted to anything and they would rather have spent the time eating.

max found another diner to spend his nights working in, but it didn’t pay for everything, and so shawn found a job in a cafe by their apartment bussing tables. it paid very little, but was convenient and gave them enough hours to occupy their time. it wasn’t what shawn expected to be doing with their life, but they told themselves that it was worth it as long as they could be with max. problem was, with shawn working days and max working nights, they stopped seeing each other as much and started tiredly fighting over the littlest things. both were cranky from their shitty jobs and from being hungry much of the time, and their small fights turned into bigger ones. sometimes they would kiss and make up afterwards, and other times they let the negative feelings stew until they blew up again. things turned worse as time went on, when max’s negative feelings were taken out on shawn’s things when they were at work. favorite shirts were torn up, notebooks of poems were thrown in the toilet, plates they had paid for were intentionally smashed on the floor for them to clean up. one by one most of their things were broken, but it took max telling them to leave to finally break their heart. through it all, they had hoped that they could work things out.


with what few things they still had to their name, shawn showed up at their brother’s townhouse without warning, telling him that they needed a place to crash for a while while they figured things out. scott was good enough to let them stay, and though they often worry about being an inconvenience, it’s been good for their relationship to see each other more.

with a year between shawn and max now, a lot of things are different. they've recently left the cafe they were working in and have started at the lost sock cafe as a barista, and already it's a step up from where they were. they've been dating panda damien de luca for about six months, they've got a group of really great friends, and things are way better.

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