hashir k. zabir
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☪ hashir is just your average 25 year old english-pakistani. he likes long walks on the beach, long walks in the park, long walks by the river, basically just long walks anywhere. walks are his favourite, and when you throw a ball for him? wow!

☪ so maybe average is a stretch for puppyboy over here. hashir was born blessed with greek god status good looks and the ability to turn in to a wolfdog, although if you ask him it's more of a curse than anything. the dog thing, not his face.

☪ he spent childhood and puppyhood in bradford, england, with his strict muslim father and doting english mum. he was raised with three sisters and no pets, because he's allergic. yes, you did read that right; hashir is allergic to dogs and spends a lot of his days doped up on benadryl due to conveniently also being a fucking dog.

☪ things didn't used to be so tough on rover. he was a generally happy little boy, he didn't argue with his baba or mum, and didn't fuss over the rules set for him. but the older he got the more he felt like he didn't belong anywhere outside of his home. the other kids were lighter than him, or darker than him. they ate differently. he didn't understand why he had to be so different.

☪ his teen years were spent being a grumpy asshole on the constant look out for trouble. he grew tired of being given all of these rules and goals that he didn't even want to work towards. he didn't want to marry a nice muslim girl and give his parents grand babies.

☪ it was hard for him to come to terms with being both muslim and obscenely gay, and he still hasn't fully reached a point of comfort although he's much more at peace with it most days. he's basically known all of his life, since he wore out his vhs copy of george of the jungle so he could see brendan fraser oiled up and shirtless, so if you're wondering what his type is ???

☪ the basics for his dog counterpart are that he's a wolf hybrid. the longer he is in his wolfy state, the harder it is for him to come back out of it. physically he will be regular old hashir, but mentally it's like he has a doggy hangover. you can get him to sit, stay, and rollover, and he won't understand why it's so funny to you.

☪ when he first goes doggy it is the opposite- he still has boybrain in his dog body. so he won't be thrilled to go pee outside or fetch the stick... just give it a bit and he'll be barking at the mail man and rooting through the garbage in no time.

full name

hashir karim zabir








cake decorator


animal morphing


No Information

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gay af

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lone wolf awoo


true neutral





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zayn malik
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