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alam k. chadhar Members 29-August 17 1
august m. glass Elemental 4-April 17 46
balto c. valenti Physical 17-February 17 106
benjamin r. lowlett Mental 22-August 17 8
billie s. nguyen Shapeshifting 30-September 17 2
cecilia j. willoughby Mental 6-August 17 16
charles j. elliott Mental 4-February 17 70
charlie h. liu Shapeshifting 16-August 16 55
charlotte a. lancaster Inactive 1-August 17 13
chelsea v. da rocha Physical 13-August 17 2
christina m. elise Elemental 23-April 17 18
daxton huang Elemental 7-January 17 26
dino j. caplin Shapeshifting 12-June 17 41
filip s. dimitrov Mental 13-May 15 258
fran bonaventura Mental 24-November 16 564
frances e. kath Mental 2-August 17 11
giselle lim Inactive 8-February 17 55
hamadi m. baz Human 13-August 17 12
hamlet l. caverly Elemental 2-August 17 19
harley e. polakowski Physical 23-August 17 10
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WE ARE THE STRAYS is a character driven gifted abilities roleplay set in present day Chicago, IL. We do not have a word count or character limits, and operate with a shipper application to offer optimal room for creative freedom. We want this to be an inviting and comfortable environment where everyone feels safe and accepted! ♥

Please register in all lowercase, first m. last format: james b. barnes

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