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 howlin for you [m], mature??? shawnda no it's not a typo
Jun 12 2017, 08:40 PM

lush staff & musician
panda r. damien de luca
leesha [idc] • 2632 posts

i can't explain

As a child, Panda had been tested regularly for everything. No, he was not bipolar. No, he did not have ADHD. He was just a bit spoiled and loud and high energy- nothing to drug him over. He was just a hyper little boy that should probably have a hobby or five to stop him from getting under everyone's feet and driving them up the walls. And it had helped a lot, letting him join soccer and learn more instruments, but he still was who he was. He was just bigger and louder and sometimes tried to at least pretend to not be fidgety and full of lethal amounts of energy.

Despite it all, Shawn had somehow managed to put up with him. They were one of the few living beings that could take him for extended periods of time, save for Damian (who actually had ADHD) and a handful of the cats. It probably worked in their favour that Panda was in a near constant state of heart-eyes over them and would more or less do anything they told him to. It didn't mean anything that he only really listened to Shawn. It was just his job as a boyfriend, or whatever.

It unfortunately didn't always work with polite texts hinting that they'd had a very busy day.

Were Panda a habitually smart boyfriend he would have stayed home, or picked them up dinner and offered to fuck off after, or done literally anything else but drive his loudass over to their apartment to visit. They probably wouldn't have even been against his company if he could be quiet for five seconds, but he was wired as always. That much was more than evident by the way he was singing as soon as he'd let himself in. "Shawny?" He poked his head in to the bedroom. It wasn't a big apartment, there wasn't many places they could hide.

"Hi," he beamed when he found them sprawled on the couch. He solidified his role as a big dumb animal by managing to wedge himself on the couch with them, legs over their legs. He made sure he was gentle- he was annoying, but he wasn't entirely careless. "I was going to come visit yesterday, but all I had on was shoes and an apron. I figured I might have gotten arrested walking through the building with my ass out. Like, I love being naked, but I'm not willing to go to jail for it, right?"

Jun 14 2017, 06:37 PM
twenty one

sense manipulation
shawn c. summers
kirsten [they/them] • 4251 posts

falling into the deep end

Shawn had had a hell of a day. Really, it had started the night before, babysitting the twins, staying up far too late to get up for an opening shift at work and thus getting only a spare few hours of sleep. From there, the day had only gotten worse, being understaffed and ultimately being asked to stay until close. A fourteen hour shift after three hours of sleep was too much, and by 7:30 when they had finally been able to plop down on their couch and rest, they had barely had enough energy to take off their shoes. Eyes closed, they were grateful that they were too tired to be hungry, because they were also far too tired to get up and go to the kitchen to get dinner.

They were fairly sure they were just dozing off when they thought their heard their name. For a moment they weren’t sure, and they certainly weren’t going to get up for it, but managed to get their eyes open just as Panda was walking into the living room. “Hey, Panda,” they said, as their boyfriend made room for himself on the couch where there was clearly no room. Shawn was too tired to protest it--especially since Panda probably wouldn’t take them seriously--but not too tired to get mildly annoyed about it. They knew they had told Panda he was welcome whenever he wanted to come by, so it wasn’t really fair to be bothered by it, but Panda could have at least tried to read some signals, maybe.

“S’okay, I wasn’t home last night anyways. Twin duty.” Shawn wasn’t even going to get him started talking about his work day naked at Lush. Panda could talk enough without being encouraged. If all went well, maybe they could fall asleep and Panda would talk so much he could keep himself company and not even notice Shawn wasn’t paying attention.

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