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May 12 2017, 08:27 AM
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romeo a. renaud
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In high school Romeo had had an epiphany. Having already developed a love and talent for using spray paint, he had watched collections of viral videos and had made a decision. He was going to learn how to be a speed painter with spray paints. The images of vibrant planets and city skylines that were done in a matter of minutes with spray paints, some cardboard, and magazine pages. While Romeo was still new to the speed painting game he had enough talent to be marketable. Especially with a power on his side to help the process along. Putting the paint in just the right spots and in just the right ways.

He was also cute and charming. Which definitely helped while set up on a street populated with rich tourists wanting to see historical sights. Romeo in his paint splattered overalls and a crop top under that. There was some of it at the end of a few curls and on his fingertips. A spray paint covered mess creating space scenes featuring popular buildings the tourists had been looking at.

When he saw someone lingering around, looking at the little display pieces and watching him finish up one for an older couple Romeo made sure to make brief eye contact and give a lip sided smile. The couple walked away with the art in hand, the wife so excited and enamoured while the husband was agreeing and wanting to find somewhere to eat. “You want one?” he was more suggesting it than asking. “Just five dollars. That’s it. Any colors you want.” That he had with him, that is.

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