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 revelry in reverie ,, an | sunny <3
ellery i. godbegood
posted Feb 5 2018, 07:05 PM by gabe [he/they] from



twenty three

hotel concierge

body manipulation


Pushing open the door, Ellery peeked his head inside and breathed a sigh of relief when he found a nearly empty lobby of Revelrie. Lights, muted yet shimmering like the reflections of water from a pool, still illuminated the area but absent were any employees. Thank God! Arms preoccupied with bags of food, he kicked by the door close behind him and started off towards the atrium.

The experimental solarpunk month had officially came to a close a few hours before, after the last of the lingering guests had been properly sent on their way, much quicker than it normally took it too! Most people just won't ready to give up them vacation fantasy to go back to a life of responsibilities and comparative blandness. But as the song once sung, even the greatest dancers in the world are bound to leave the dance floor. Everyone had to leave eventually, even them too.

And knowing by this time tomorrow, the renovation team would be well on their way tearing down all the hard work and new memories that had collected over the last few weeks to make a new vision, a new daydream to play in... Well, that's why they had these parties.

Walking into the atrium, the loud tinny sound of some Top Forty song echoed off the walls. Some employees were lounging around their elaborate costumes, others had changed back into their regular clothes. The decorations of the last month were still up and dazzling around but along with them, people had grabbed some of the more beaten up and oh so comfortable sofas and chairs from the employee lounge. And the drinks already seemed to be flowing for those interested.

Dropping the food on the spare table, Ellery smiled to himself. He loved these parties so much, a little celebration, a remembrance for all the good moments that happened and a good riddance to all the bad too! It was just oddly cathartic (and, you know, fun), which is why he always went to them and encouraged all the new souls that joined their crew to come too. You just had to experience it, at least once.

And, speaking of! Ellery hopped up on the arm of a sofa, scanning the familiar faces in hopes of seeing one face in particular. The last week had been a bit busier than normal, so he'd forgotten to double-check with Sunny to see what her plans were. It wasn't mantandory to come, of course, but still. "Oh," he said when he spotted her, giving her a little wave in hopes of catching her attention. Walking over was probably a better idea honestly, but he didn't want to interrupt and the night was still young after all.

sunny zwane excited!! also i hope it's okay! c:
sunny zwane
posted Feb 10 2018, 09:17 PM by ananas [she/her] from




antique shop/tarot reading

astral projection


world turned upside down
Sunny had never needed an excuse to dress up a bit eccentrically. When she’d interviewed with the owner of this little boutique hotel in the hopes of getting a job there, she had decided to wear a wig drawn up in two buns, and her usual collection of strange accessories. She’d had no real way of knowing that the owner would like it so much, but she’d just had a good feeling that day, and she definitely hadn’t been wrong. The owner had encouraged her to dress up for the theme du jour, and now that Sunny had officially completed her very first theme here after just a few weeks of work, she was beginning to feel that she was going to really like working here.

The afterparty was fairly cool as well, and she kind of wished that her boys were there to keep her company. It seemed like something that Yves would like. Marshal… perhaps not so much, but that was okay. She liked him anyway. She was having a good time anyway, strange-looking drink glass in hand (to match the theme, after all), colourful wig on her head and dressed in full costume still. Some of her coworkers had already dressed back down to something more comfortable, but Sunny was incredibly at ease in costume. It honestly wasn’t that much weirder than her usual attire.

A wave from the other side of the room caught her eye, and she made her way over, bringing an extra (non-alcoholic) beverage for the hotel concierge. “Hello, sweet boy,” she greeted, handing over the extra glass and smiling. She liked Ellery, a lot. They felt like kindred souls, somehow, even though they weren’t all that alike personality-wise. “No booze, I asked Hubert to make something good and leave space so you can add whatever you like.” She didn’t really know if he drank, but she’d figured that it was something she shouldn’t just assume about people. Hubert, their odd little hotel barkeep, had been amused but more than happy to make something quick for her.

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