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 open threads
posted Jul 19 2016, 05:09 PM by sparky [she/her] from
trash queen
i don't do tricks

open threads
ask and you shall receive. an open thread post was requested, so here we go. all you gotta do is post in code and your post will be added to the list! that's all there is to it <3
day after tomorrow with crystal r. morris

• <a href="URL">thread name here</a> with <b>character first m. last</b></br>
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WE ARE THE STRAYS is a character driven, slice of life roleplay with gifted abilities, set in present day Chicago, IL. We do not have a word count or character limits, and we have a profile application and shipper to offer optimal room for creative freedom. We have a number of varied and easy to use templates for members to use, and we have relaxed rules on activity so that roleplaying here can be a hobby, not a chore. We prioritize diversity and inclusiveness, and we want this to be an inviting and comfortable environment where everyone feels safe and accepted!

Please register in all lowercase, first m. last format: james b. barnes

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