sonjay a. bhandari
No Information
full name sonjay amir bhandari
nickname sonny
age 26
pronouns he/him
occupation social worker
face claim sidharth malhotra
power force field generation (Inactive)
birthday No Information
romantic/ sexual orientation homoromantic homosexual
relationship status single
alignment lawful good
zodiac aquarius
mbti isfj
Sonjay Amir Bhandari was born and raised Chicago, Illinois to two Indian immigrants from Delhi, India. Sonjay's mother and father decided to flee from their home country in hopes of making creating a better life for their future children. His parents known to be extremely loving and hardworking. Despite their poor English at the time his parents were able to obtain stable jobs. His mother worked as a washerwoman at a local laundry. His father worked as a janitor at a local high school. The Bhardari family were classified as a lower-class family for the most part. Regardless of the fact that their family were no where near being a rich family, it never stopped them from being happy, grateful for the little things that were able to call their own, and it never stopped them from loving on each other. The family's backbone came from their strong spirituality, undying love for each other, and growing hope for an even brighter life in the future. Sonjay became the oldest out of the three Bhandari children. He has two younger brothers.

One night during a blackout due to a terrible storm, a few members of a local gang broke into the Bhandari's home. The gang members quickly started going through the family's belongings and damaging the items that were seen to not be worth anything in return. Sonjay's parents did not waste anything leading their children into their secret hiding place in the basement. The Bhandari's were not exactly surprised by the break in, since their house was located within a rougher side of the neighborhood. Once the children were hidden safely, the father grabbed his gun and attempted to scare off the gang members. Meanwhile, the mother attempted to call the police on her cell phone. Unfortunately, both parents needed up getting shot and killed by the gang members. Sonjay was able to comfort his siblings and keep them quiet enough until the gang members made their escape. The police officers later arrived on the scene and found the bloody bodies the parents on the floor and the frighted children hiding in hidden basement.

The children did not have any more biological family residing in the United States, which resorted to the children being placed into foster care system. The children's caseworker tried her best to find a family to take in all three of the children. Unfortunately, being a bit older in the foster system, it was a little harder to find anyone willing to take in Sonjay. His younger siblings quickly got adopted by a family. Sonjay found himself growing even more discouraged and alone. The caseworker noticed the sadness in Sonjay's eyes and decided to work even harder on finding a family that would happily accept her. Meanwhile, mean the caseworker was able to develop a strong and meaningful relationship with the young boy. Once Sonjay became the age of ten, the caseworker found a middle aged couple, who were looking to adopt a child. The adopted family took Sonjay into their home and immediately started to make her feel welcomed into their family. The family would play Sonjay tons of toys and nice clothes to help win him over and to gain his trust. However, it was not long before he would discovered the truth about his adoptive father being an ill-tempered alcoholic. Not only would the adoptive father physical abuse his wife, but he would also abuse Sonjay on some nights. Sonjay would mostly get abused for attempting to protect his adoptive mother.

One night, his adoptive father was brutally beating his wife and was close to beating her to death. Sonjay was around the age of fifteen at time and he had become extremely fed up with his adoptive father's abusive behavior and he decided to take one last stand. Sonjay had jumped in front of his weakened, adoptive mother and starting taking hits for her. Within seconds a mystical light had arrived over his body and a magical barrier was created to defend Sonjay and his adoptive mother. The rather was so alarmed about what he had just witness that he quickly fled the scene, but not before swearing and Sonjay and calling him every type of freak and monster that he could think of at the moment. Sonjay and his adoptive mother were also bewildered by his new gift. The mother did not view his new gift as a curse, but as a blessing to both her and Sonjay. If it was for her adoptive son and his special gift then she would not have survived the assault. Therefore, Sonjay was her savior. Sonjay had convinced his adoptive mother to call the police officers on her husband and the abusive monster was sentenced to prison. However, due to the previous abusive environment, the caseworker had to remove Sonjay from the home. Despite his adoptive mother never being abusive towards him.

Sonjay was sent back to the foster home yet again. He was a little disappointed that he had to return back to the same place that he had started a few years ago, but at the same time he felt rather relieved that he would no longer have to stay in that house of horrible memories. Sonjay's social worker was soon able to find him another family, who were looking to adopt a child. This time, it was a close friend of the social worker. Therefore, she was quite confident that her friends would be a great match for him. The new family took Sonjay in as their own son and started leading him towards a brighter path. Sonjay completed high school with honors and got accepted into the University of Chicago, were he would study social worker. He decided that he wanted to become a a children and family social worker due to his past history with dealing with the foster care system. He wanted to help prevent children from getting lost in the system or being placed in dangerous homes.

Now, Sonjay has graduated with both his Bachelor's and Master's in social work. He is currently employed as a children and family social worker. He is also attending college again to earn his PhD in social work. Whenever is not busy with his school or work then he likes cook, go out for coffee, being an advocate for foster children, and tutoring children at group homes and shelters.

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