bakari e. onwumere
"Your mental health is far more valuable than any amount of gold."
full name bakari ebo onwumere
nickname No Information
age twenty-four
pronouns he/him
occupation Law student/intern
face claim leonardo taiwo
power telepathy (Inactive)
birthday 29 October 1993
romantic/ sexual orientation biromantic demisexual
relationship status single
alignment unlawful good
zodiac scorpio
mbti entp-a
Greatness was always something that expected from Bakari. Even at a young age, Bakari excelled in all of his subjects. He became a pro at checkers and chess at a young age and was groomed to become a man of justice. His mother and father, Maria and Silsi glowed with pride and joy in their hearts at the sight of their son and Bakari knew that. He was their "golden child" even though he was one of five children and third eldest. Even at a young age, Bakari knew how to make people like him. He would often go out of his way to make other people aside from his parents. By those who didn't quite care for him, felt like he was a kiss ass, but Bakari didn't care.

At the age of seven, Bakari and his family moved to Chicago from their Igbo tribe in Nigeria. His other two younger siblings were born in America unlike himself and his two *older* siblings. His parents wanted to give them the best education so they enrolled their kids into catholic school. Growing up in Chicago and being an immigrant, Bakari had to deal with bullying. His family's English was thickened by their Nigerian heritage which made his parents hard to understand. For this, Bakari heard phrases and things said either indirectly or directly at them. However, because they were in a major city, Bakari had other immigrant friends and supporters to lean on when some things got too much for him. Unfortunately, things didn't get any better.

It was also around his age where Bakari started to hear people's thoughts. It started off as little mummers that he heard in his head, but slowly they progressed into sentences. at first, he thought that he was going crazy, but when he learned that gifted people existed, he realized that he was a telepath. It was hard for him to get the voice that he was hearing organized. Whenever he had the chance, Bakari would watch Youtube videos on "Being a Telepath 101". As soon as he was able to get the thoughts together, Bakari told his parents that he was gifted, expecting them to think that he was even more exceptional. However, he got a totally different reaction. his parents said that he was cursed and that it was "unnatural". both hurt and anger welled up inside him. Bakari was knocked from his throne and his indirect title of "golden child" was revoked.

Bakari threw himself further into his studies and worked hard through high school to go to the University of Chicago honor's college,. While in undergrad, Bakari was able to experince different people and learned that being gifted was natural. Also while in college, Bakari realized that he wasn't straight. The doubts of his sexuality started in high school, but he simply ignored the feelings. In the Nigerian culture, being anything but straight was looked down upon so, Bakari was smart enough not to let part of him show to his family.

Later into law school. now hes working hard to get his law degree and to one day to become the district attorney of Chicago. With the help of his new found friends that he met while in law school, Bakari feels that he can once again gain his parent's approval and excel once again. His eyes are set on making a difference in the Chicago and eventually, Illinois.
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played by cedar

he/him/his 21 est

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