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if you look up "middle child syndrome," there's about a 99% chance that someone's taped filip stanimir dimitrov's picture in over the definition. smack dab in the middle of a brother two years older and a sister two years younger than him, filip hasn't exactly had a charmed life with parents who doted on him. it isn't that his parents didn't (or don't) love him; it's just that it's always very easy to shaft filip to the side. he's forgettable like that.

his brother has all the skills and gets all the glory; anything filip's done, his brother has done ten times better. his sister, clever and self-assured, was also the forever-cherished baby of the family and the only girl. filip, in the meantime, has always felt somewhat like a waste of space. don't get him wrong. he loves his family, and he knows that his family must love him too. but the more irrational part of him doesn't care. "inadequacy" is pretty much his middle name, but it's a bit of an unfair comparison when his brother is a professional athlete and his sister is probably on track to become president or something.

filip, meanwhile, has never felt that he's actually much good at anything useful. he never proved to be particularly brainy like his mother (and sister), or particularly athletic like his father (and brother). he was average at just about everything there was. he always managed to scrape by in everything he did, but nothing ever made him stand out from the pack, so to speak. he was never going to make any sports teams and become quarterback like his brother. and he was never going to join debate team and graduate as valedictorian like his sister. filip found no such calling. and he was left to his own devices for this reason. it made him bitter and gave him a tendency to project his feelings onto seemingly trivial things.

his entire family was present when they discovered that his older brother had superhuman powers. even now, he remembers sitting there when he got a strange, prickling feeling on his neck and shoulders that made him look up just in time to see his brother accomplish the impossible. it was a feeling that he'd gotten before, but he'd never quite been able to connect it to anything around him. even this time, he didn't really get it. it wasn't the first thing on his mind, anyway; he was watching his parents dote on his brother for his new powers.

his parents sat them down that day, after all the excitement of this discovery was past, to tell them about gifted powers. while neither had powers of their own, both came from long lines with superhuman abilities. and they were thrilled that even just one of their children had a power at all.

but, of course, they would realize soon that it wasn't just one of their children who had some kind of power. they were all together again when filip got that same prickly feeling, and he looked up at his sister, staring at her for a few seconds before her own ability manifested itself in front of them for the first time. once again, that feeling was quickly forgotten as his parents and even his older brother reacted with overwhelming excitement about the youngest's newfound power. two out of three, his parents said; amazing.

it wasn't until a while later that he ever gave much thought to it. he was sixteen already, and he'd excused himself to the other room when a scout came to see his sister's powers and get her registered properly for her high school courses at the institute. he could overhear the entire conversation, and he could overhear when the scout told his parents, quiet but clear as day, that someone else in the house was also gifted. they were confused. but when the man walked into the room to find filip, filip got that same prickly feeling again. it turned out that the scout had gotten that feeling, too.

power sensing wasn't the super strength or pyrokinesis or super mentality or anything ostentatious like he'd always imagined and hoped would show itself later in his life. but it was still his ticket to the institute; for years now he'd been envious of his brother for getting to go. and filip — awkward, bumbling, tripped-over-thin-air filip — was determined to use this new start at the institute, even if he'd only be there for two years, to make some kind of image for himself that was more than the dorky reputation he'd gotten so far in his life.

truthfully, it was hard for a guy like filip. he tried, though. he probably tried too hard, actually, because he was usually the wimp out of his peers – built tall, but skinny and scrawny, he wasn't exactly what people thought of when they thought "cool" and "popular". his attempts at rebellion, to make himself seem like less of a dork, usually consisted of tagging along with much "cooler" friends on whatever escapades they came up with, and taking the fall for them if they ever got caught. (whatever faults he had, he was a loyal guy.)

in the end, filip was actually, honestly, really just too nice to be all of that. everyone knows the "real" cool kids don't care, and filip probably cared too much. he wanted to be liked, and he cared about being thought of as the badass that he never really could be. and in some kind of awful catch-22, that was probably his biggest failing.

when he wasn't running around intentionally getting into trouble to build up the bad reputation he never actually achieved, though, he managed to slide by in his classes. perhaps he could have done a little better if he'd applied himself more, but filip had always known that academics were neither his forte nor his real area of interest — besides, his mind was usually occupied with things besides math formulae and details about the first world war. he did decently enough in his gifted classes, but then again, it was hard to be bad at power sensing. he (and everyone else) knew it was a mostly useless skill.

almost immediately upon graduating, he moved into an apartment with his best friend, leaving home as quickly as he could. his parents didn't understand this decision, nor the fact that he doesn't really keep in close contact with them anymore, only calling and perhaps visiting on rare occasions. but they let him go without much trouble, and pressed some money into his hands to get him started, and that was already more than he wanted or asked. it got him through while he looked for a job, having never worked a day in his life before while living under mom and dad's roof.

a small, local camera store had been desperate for help for a while now, and he was somehow fortunate enough to land a part-time job there. most of the customers were awful and rude, and his manager was equally unpleasant. but the owner was nice enough to throw a camera into his hands and tell him that he could keep it for being such a good employee, and it was from this that filip got into photography. somehow, this small change made his job there a little more tolerable, and while he still didn't love it, he was somewhat sad when, three years later, the store closed for good due to business being too slow.

in the market for a job once again, he ended up sending an application to the institute. power sensing was, for obvious reasons, a highly sought after skill for the school's scouts. it wasn't the best of jobs, but it wasn't the worst of jobs either. he was perfectly content to stay there, where he had things like healthcare and regular hours, and employers who cared about him. he was still living with his best friend from high school, and now said best friend's infant son, but life was going pretty well. it was something that he settled into very easily.

chloe turned his life upside-down. she was nice enough at first. looking back, he realizes how manipulative she was all along when she was his girlfriend. when the signs started creeping into their relationship, he tried to break it off — once, twice, several times. but each time he went to bring it up, there was a reason for him not to do so. her birthday was soon, and he'd forgotten. her father had fallen sick. she was inviting him to a wedding. finally, he made up his mind to do it, but when he tried, she blurted out that she was pregnant with his baby.

he picked up a second job, threw all of his time into saving up money and preparing for the baby, and even started planning a proposal. and then he made an impromptu visit to chloe's doctor, and learned that she hadn't been going there at all for her supposed appointments. it turned out that she'd been lying all along; there had never been a baby. from there, everything spiraled out, and filip realized that everything in his life was a mess. he broke up with chloe immediately, quit his second job, and for good measure reduced his hours at the institute, too. it meant giving up his benefits, but filip had bigger plans now. with his savings and some bank loans, he rented a little tiny studio space and started working on opening up his new photography studio. he finally opened it up last year. it's not exactly successful yet, but it's a start. at least he still has his roommate — well, now he's a roommate-turned-boyfriend.

filip is... not necessarily an optimist, but he's good at dealing with things; it comes with a tendency to bottle up his negative feelings, something that he's gotten used to doing over the course of his life. he doesn't want people to feel bad for him, because he acknowledges that his life is pretty good. it could be a lot better, but it could be much, much worse. he's got a comfortable enough life and he doesn't complain too much about it, though he still struggles with a serious inferiority complex. he's kind of awkward and a little bit of a dork, but he still occasionally falls into old habits of acting gruff (which is something he's very bad at). really, he's just a guy trying to get through his life with a camera and a lot of self-deprecating humour.

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