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 ♫ GHOST AROUND, tag: cohen twins!!!!
Jun 6 2017, 03:40 AM
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As children it had been a lot easier to celebrate birthdays. As children they’d had all the same friends. They’d been more interested in the same things back then. It was a bit more complicated now. They had jobs and lives and separate friends. They had different things that they wanted to do. But they always made sure to do something together. Always. Even if it was something silly like making a fort out of boxes in the living room. They always did something together for their birthday.

Their plans were for the Congress Plaza Hotel. The hotel that inspired the short story 1408. For a pair of boys who were raised around everything spooky and scary, the fact that they hadn’t been there yet was like a reverse miracle. Was there a word for that? A catastrophe? That sounded as close to right as he was going to get. They were there now. That’s what mattered.

There was an undeniable presence in the room. Made him a little extra on edge. Uneasy. But he wouldn’t be there if he didn’t want to be around ghosts. He expected it to be a little uneasy given the history. Plus, he had his music. Playing songs about ghosts in hopes that it would give him the power to see them or even just hear them. “What should we do first? Room service? Ouija Board? Blanket fort?”

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Jun 14 2017, 09:50 PM
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Their parents had worked to try and make them feel like they were part of a complete set, that they needed to do everything and have everything the same between them. Because as it was, Fletcher and Zain did have different tastes when it came to things and they both liked different things – on top of everything that they shared with one another. Now they were adults and Fletcher had his own friends, those that he spent time with in the woods LARPING, who had insisted on taking him out drinking, or the radio friends who brought in a birthday cake, he knew Zain had the same circumstances, he was being dragged into his own things too, so their birthday was certainly not something that they could share immediately together. Nor would it ever be the Cohen spectacular that they had in their youth – something that Fletcher was grateful for.

Tonight of course was about them, they got to finally plan their time together for their birthday. Which sure going to a fairly largely haunted hotel with his powers were probably not the most intelligence choice, but it was also – part of the fun of it. He rarely if ever had nights dedicated to his powers and tonight – well he certainly could use them in the one place that would have plenty of interesting stories to have. Fletcher looked at his brothe after glancing around the room. ”Blanket Fort 100%. That way if we need more pillows we can ask for them in the room service.” just because they were silly didn’t mean they wanted to make some poor employee run around.

MTfvW.png cute brothers.
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