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 renaud, romeo antonius, 19 / struggling artist / isaiah b
Apr 25 2017, 08:30 AM

romeo a. renaud
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“I see it I want it I stunt yellowbone itI dream it I work hard I grind til I own itI twirl on them haters albino alligators”Romeo Antonius Renaud19Street ArtistAnimationMentalIsaiah BMilesThey / ThemESTROMEO is a South Side garbage prince. He claims to be from another planet, is super into the art scene, and embraces being a weird gender non-conforming Black alien.➤ Romeo is the middle child in a family of five with two younger sisters and two older sisters. All of their names begin with the letter R. The youngest is thirteen year old Reagan.➤ His family has always been poor financially but rich in love and a sense of togetherness. They’re that family who breaks into song at any given moment even though they might not make rent that month.➤ For most of his life he shared a room with two of his sisters, which put a dampener on being a hormonal teenage boy. Most of the time he hated it. ➤ Romeo was aware of money and what it meant from a young age. He knew that they didn’t have much of it. He knew that more money meant more stuff and happiness. It was something he’s been okay with for a long time.➤ When Romeo was seven his mother found out a big part of their financial troubles were her husband’s gambling problem. She told him to “Get help or get out.” When he refused help she threw all his stuff on the front lawn and changed the locks.➤ Romeo didn’t get why his dad had to go and at first he kept begging for his mom to let him come back. But then he saw his mom crying and all bets were off. No one makes his mom cry.➤ Since divorcing her husband his mom’s dated on and off. Some good. Some not so good. She always put her kids first and not everyone was cool with that. Her current man is great and Romeo’s been bugging him to pop the question. It’s been eight years man, get on that shit.➤ Romeo was one of those kids who was very flamboyant from a young age. He never really had to come out because everyone knew. Some people weren’t so nice about it but the ones who mattered accepted him.➤ He got teased a lot in school for being weird and gay but it definitely slowed down significantly after he broke Donte Washington’s jaw after months of being beaten up after school. Romeo doesn’t look like much but he can hold his own if needed. He’s from the South Side he doesn’t fuck around.➤ He’s always been artistic. Much to his mom’s dismay he was the kid who wouldn’t ever stop coloring on the walls. Now he colors on the walls for money. (And sometimes for fun.) He also colors on canvases and cardboard and anything else he can find.➤ His first ever experience with a bad police officer he was getting some things from the store for his mom. At ten years old he was stopped at the door and accused of stealing. While Romeo came out of it unharmed it was not a very fun experience.➤ His mom made him practice a line to say. “I’m Romeo Antonius Renaud. I am [age] years old. I an unarmed and I have nothing that can harm you.” They both cried having to have this conversation.➤ The most recent bad run in with police he was doing a mural on the side of his cousin’s hair salon. The officer refused to believe it was a paid job and tackled Romeo to the ground. This time he got a split lip, some nasty bruises and taken to the station despite complying. ➤ Needless to say he’s a little skeptical of police officers these days. Especially since seeing his Brothers and Sisters being shot down so often. He’s very active when it comes to Black Lives Matter and Trans Lives Matter.➤ With money so tight he never really bothered to think about college as an option. Besides, what good would a degree do him when all he wants to do is create art?➤ His family has always been really religious. He still attends church as often as he can and used to sing in the choir. Now he just sings in the crowd. Being gay and Christian is something he is very comfortable and confident in and he’s part of a very accepting church community. (The pastor is also gay).➤ Growing up with four sisters had always meant that he’s been comfortable with more traditionally feminine things. Hair bows and glitter and crop tops and nail polish and makeup. It’s all just a part of self expression to him, not something gendered.➤ His dad has been in and out of his life but it’s complicated. He still struggles with gambling and has tried to borrow money from Romeo. So Romeo keeps a respectful distance.➤ You can often find him sneaking into clubs with a fake ID, putting art on walls (both legally and illegally), or as one of those street artists who does the cool speed spray paint planets. He also regularly attends poetry slams.➤ He currently lives in a studio in an artist housing community / project. It’s still in the South Side and is a series of transformed boarded up buildings that were drug dens when he was a kid.➤ He’s always and forever a mama’s boy. She’s the kind of person who will give her last breadcrumb to a neighbor in need but will chase down the abusive boyfriend of the woman across the street with a baseball bat.➤ Basically he’s pretty, young, gay, and embraces being a misfit who does art and has a youtube channel where he does more art.FRIENDS Romeo doesn’t always make a lot of sense and he talks as if he’s high all the time even when he’s good and sober. He’s an artist who lives to create and he finds inspiration in all things and especially all people. He loves to surround himself with weirdos and misfits and artists. He’ll befriend anyone willing to accept him at face value and is the kind of friend who will welcome you into his family.FOES Romeo tries to avoid confrontation but he’s no stranger to a fight. He’ll more than happily break someone’s teeth if he feels like they deserve it. Mostly he just tries to use his words. He’s very vocal about social justice.FANCIES While his future is all planned out it’s gonna be a bit of a slow burn. There’s definitely room for something brief and since he’s been in Chicago his whole life room for past stuff too. He’s extremely gay and no stranger to hook ups and relationships both.FAMILY He has two older sisters who I plan on requesting. He also has a large number of cousins and neighbors. I’d love for some childhood friends. More South Side trash. Give me friends and sisters who will do this with him.ANIMATION Romeo’s a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to his power. Only showing itself not long after his eighteenth birthday, he is currently only able to animate objects that are in a liquid state or things that are very malleable (i.e. kinetic sand, clay). He hasn’t really be able to do a whole lot with it quite yet and mostly just uses it with his paints for moving pieces. Sadly, as soon as the paint dries he can’t make it move any more. Maybe one day. Sometimes he can make cool pictures in smoke rings (like Gandalf's badass smoke boat) but that's rare.
May 3 2017, 11:05 AM

ariel h. smith
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Ari & RomeoNo clue what to recommend, but these two have just enough in common that they have to talk. Don't really have any concrete ideas tho@[username] optional, tag someone here by filling in their username. it will not show up in the post, but it will still send them an alert!
May 4 2017, 08:14 AM

romeo a. renaud
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romeo & arielromeo's an easy guy to run into, between doing quick spray paint pieces as a busking job and doing graffiti style work. he's also an easy guy to be friends with. when he's not being #extraaf. no promises that he won't constantly make white boy jokes at ariel.@ariel h. smith
Jun 14 2017, 05:40 PM

animal morphing
tattoo artist
dino j. caplin
jules [she/her] • 36 posts

okay so idk i think they'd have a weird relationship because... dino is definitely a misfit and an artist (and a mama's boy tbh). they'd probably know each other bc dino's lived on the south side since he was like twelve. he's a tattoo artist, he likes drawing and might have dipped into graffiti before. he's high and bi and doesn't really care about being masculine or w/e but he's also... pretty... apolitical and ignorant, which is probably frustrating for romeo. like dino's just very self centred and doesn't really think about society or see the bigger picture, not to mention he grew up in rural wisconsin.

so either he's like tryna explain shit to him and/or he's just so tired of dino's dumb ass that he just avoids him and dino is just oblivious abt the whole thing like i thought we were cool tho. and he's gonna get...more... educated.... eventually.... but until then gl... haha what

@romeo a. renaud

Jun 16 2017, 08:27 AM

romeo a. renaud
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romeo & dinoi definitely agree that they know each other and probably have some mutual friends and shit like that. but i also think that one on one they wouldn't click right away? like...romeo would be able to tolerate and handle dino in a group but then they become alone and romeo just wants to shove a paintbrush in his mouth to make him shut up. but he'd always be willing to help educate him later on but yeah.@dino j. caplin
Jul 14 2017, 05:23 AM

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gray w. hendrix
mica [she/her] • 19 posts

queer babes being queer?? idk i just really feel romeo and i think gray could get along with him? gray is living on the south side in hostels or on friends couches, they also spend a lot of time on the internet so i can either see them randomly bumping into romeo and being like "you're the guy with the youtube videos!!". gray isn't an artist really, they don't have a particular talent for it, but they definitely appreciate it and feel like they themselves are an artform. literally all of gray's reactions with the world around them is like WIDE, SPARKLY EYED AMAZEMENT, and their reaction to romeo would be the same. i feel like they could have a sibling-type relationship which could get angsty and complicated bc gray was raised white and has no connection to her obviously not white side and like obv needs to connect. @romeo a. renaud
Jul 14 2017, 03:52 PM

romeo a. renaud
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romeo & graycries i can really see them getting along super well and he'd honestly always have his couch open for them. he'd just be so in friend-love with them and want the best for them and want them to have a safe place to sleep. i can definitely see it being very sibling like, especially since romeo has 8756378456348756 sisters. having another sibling type relationship wouldn't be at all out of the ordinary lmao. and he can help them embrace their not-white side.@gray w. hendrix
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