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 chicago pride 2017
Jun 13 2017, 06:42 PM

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Alright everyone! I know we have a current on-going site event at the moment. But it wouldn't be summertime on WATS without a Pride month event, right? Our site has always been busting at the seams with LGBTQIA+ characters, and they deserve a chance to celebrate themselves and each other. Obviously everyone is welcome to participate in the event, even straight characters who want to come and show their support for loved ones and friends. The actual parade takes place on Sunday, June 25th this year, so it's still a few weeks away, but there is still plenty of hustle and bustle throughout the city to participate in, too. From live music, to open mics, ice cream socials, comedy club events, beach parties, etc. And of course the parade itself and the celebrations that follow! The parade is open to people of all ages, and everyone is encouraged to attend and have a good time!

As per usual, the event forum will stay up for as long as we feel like it's relevant, and afterwards moved to the past/future forum on the board for people to continue any unfinished threads, or go back and revisit the event at any time in the future. So go ahead and get posting and have fun. We hope you all enjoy and that there is plenty of room for you and your characters to explore and have fun with this <3

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