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 shaw, lalow migizi, 23 / guitarist / dyami thomas
Jun 15 2017, 08:26 AM
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body part substitution
guitarist @ cor[e]
lalow m. shaw
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I let my braids sway before my culture die I let my heart bleed I consult the sky I ask my grandfather Why? as I say my cry
lalow migizi shaw
body part substitution
dyami thomas
they / them
warning: this is going to have brief mentions of suicide and racism

LALOW is not going to get a hair cut ever. he's proud of his culture. you can't call him lala. he's a dweeb with a very deep voice.

lalow was born in chiloquin, oregon to a klamath mother and an ojibwa father. he was their second child, born a year after his sister lelika.

his father struggled with mental illness and was in and out of his life for the first few years of it. at age five his father had ended the struggle by his own hand.

honestly, growing up on a reserve with extremely poor mental health care availability this honestly wasn't uncommon. later on in his life that list grew to include a few friends, cousins, an auntie, and friends families.

the reserve was very bleak and in poor condition. a termination policy in the 50's left the reserve cut off from education, health care, housing, and related resources. the housing conditions were terrible, mental illness and addiction was common, increased infant mortality rates and incarcerated people were all just something he grew used to.

but he was also surrounded by some great people who found power in the bleakness of their situation. his mother, by the time of his birth, was an outspoken and well known activist for first nations rights and animal rights. his grandmother, his auntie, her husband, and a collection of cousins all joined her.

his family surrounded him with love, support, and culture. teaching him their language and their history. teaching him how to braid his hair and why it was so important. he attended powwows and listened attentively to stories and almost exclusively spoke klamath-modoc at home.

lalow was five when one of his closest friends was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. obviously lalow didn't fully understand the concept of cancer back then, but he understood how devastated his friend was to lose the braid that was so important to them. lalow, unable to fully commit, shaved the sides of his head to help his friend feel better.

the sides have stayed shaved ever since. lalow trims his own split ends out of fear of salons cutting way too much off. he only lets a very select group of people handle shaving the sides for him and chances are you are not on that list.









FOES here


FAMILY he has a fuckton of cousins. and he's super close to his sister. but his sister will remain an npc and his cousins are all in oregon.

BODY PART SUBSTITUTION lalow is able to temporarily replace parts of his body with those of animal bodies. usually he uses it to resemble mythical creatures for costume parties, but he also has a reflex to turn his braid into a snake when people grab it. it's a lot easier to do with mammals, but no matter what the animal the process is painful. if he's distracted while turning back into a human he risks leaving animal organs in place of his human ones. it's not very fun. lalow must have seen the animal with his own two eyeballs to turn into it, not an image, so when he takes on the tail of a cat or the body of a horse he takes on the patterns / scars / characteristics of that specific animal he saw. it first surfaced when he was thirteen and a boy tried to pull lalow by his braid. guess what it turned into? the head of a rattlesnake.

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