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 adventure is out there,, @parker siblings
May 22 2017, 02:17 PM
twenty four

Force field generation
margaret a. parker
ashy [she/her] • 236 posts

I don't know where to go from here now Something still lingers though, it's weighing me down I know the sun will shine again Back and forth it seems we'll remain until the end
The Parkers were a large family, once you looked past the general family, and then looked at the children and then the grandparents, it was always just a mishmash of bodies. This was something that Maggie loved about her family, you couldn’t escape it and the only way that you could make it was accept it, and love it, love the family that you were given – something that she adored about them. In her schedule, she probably didn’t get to go out as much as she wished, to go and find and see her family, or get the chance to visit as much as she wished with just one or two of them. Yet finally there they were, they were going to see one another. It wasn’t the whole family, but it was enough for her, it was enough that they got to go together to try and pick out a birthday gift for their grandmother, which if it wasn’t hard enough to find something that spoke volumes of how much you appreciated the woman who you loved, it was also – what did you choose.

She already had a few things that she had pulled together art wise for her grandmother, which was something that Maggie always did, but this was something that was supposed to be awesome, and something that their grandmother would love and Maggie didn’t know what to try and find that she would have absolutely needed in her life. So after some negotiations, they were there going to meet at Wicker Park and Bucktown, it had a eclectic kind of things that they could find for their grandmother that wasn’t just odd pottery or something that you could get from Hobby Lobby. It was going to be something that was unique for one of the most beloved members of their family.

MTfvW.png starters are hard.
Jun 13 2017, 12:22 PM

telescopic vision
student / tattoo artist
hugo a. parker
ananas [she/her] • 2480 posts

there's nothing holding me back
Hugo couldn’t claim to be particularly good at giving gifts. It seemed to be a kind of natural skill that people had sometimes. Lorcan was fucking amazing at it, or at least that was the impression that Hugo got. Everything had such thought to it, such sentimentality, yet it seemed to come so naturally. Hugo could suffer his way through finding good gifts, but it certainly wasn’t natural.

Grandma Cassidy usually wasn’t too difficult when it came to gifts. She was a sentimental kind of person, the one who believed that the thought, almost any thought at all, was the most important thing. She’d always been supportive of Hugo’s art (and just about every single one of his endeavours), so some kind of painting was the standard at this point, and he figured that he and Lorcan would bring by some nice flowers. It didn’t feel quite complete that way, though, so when his sisters (well, two of them) asked if he wanted to come shopping with them for her birthday, he’d agreed readily. The gift needed something else, but he wasn’t sure exactly what it was yet.

He spotted a redhead and made his way over quickly. That was the nice thing about the Parker family. They were always easy to spot in a crowd — tall, obnoxiously red hair. Well… at the moment, he didn’t exactly have the obnoxious red hair, thanks to an ill-chosen bet that he’d made with one of his classmates. For the summer, now he had to keep it dyed brown. Which was pretty close to the worst thing that had ever happened to him. “Sup.” He walked up next to Maggie, making no other greeting and definitely not mentioning anything about his newly dyed brown hair. He’d announced it earlier on Instagram, so if she hadn’t checked that, then that was her problem. “Where the fuck is Harper?”

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